The big day for the ′Cheeseheads′ has finally arrived! Today is the 2016 Wisconsin primary for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. At stake are 42 delegates for the GOP national convention and 86 delegates for the DNC. The latest polls show Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz leading Donald Trump. Wisconsin is a ′Must Win′ for Cruz and Sanders. In terms of mathematics, EVERY election contest is a MUST WIN for them. Even if Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin and all 42 delegates, it becomes mathematically impossible for Cruz to win the GOP presidential nomination outright after the April 26 primaries in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Bernie Sanders has one more spin at the wheel, but in early May, he′s out of the running, too. The only way ′The Bern′ will get the nomination is if the FBI handcuffs Hillary Rodham Clinton and makes her do the perp walk in an orange jumpsuit on live TV. We′re months, if not years, from that ever happening!

All of this talk about Wisconsin changing the dynamics in favor of Ted Cruz, of him building momentum to challenge Donald Trump, is a bunch of hooey! That moment was back on March 8 in Michigan. Even then it was probably too late following the the Trump win in South Carolina and his march of victories across the Southern States. The only dynamic that may change is whether GOP fund raisers will decide to keep funding two anti-Trump spoilers or shift to backing just one. In that regards, John Kasich may be the better choice for The Establishment to rally around. Should they keep both Cruz and Kasich propped up to use as spoilers, neither of them will get anywhere in an open, brokered convention.

To that end, Ted Cruz and John Kasich serve only as ′cucks′, or Cuckservatives, if you like. I′ve written before that these terms are derived from cuckhold which, itself, is derived from the cuckoo bird. The cuckoo bird is famous for caring for eggs laid by another bird. In the cases of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, they will be carrying for the eggs of a Paul Ryan or a Mitt Romney or some other Establishment candidate. Its questionable if John Kasich will even be on the first GOP convention ballot. If Trump doesn′t get the needed 1237 delegates committed before the convention in Cleveland, any dreams Cruz or Kasich have are pure delusions. The Republican Party will go for a ′fresh face′.

Yes, I know! Paul Ryan has stated that he does not want to be president. A few months ago, Ryan said he did not want to be Speaker of the House, too! Duh! For Donald Trump, Wisconsin is not crucial. In the calculus of Nate Silver, election guru, his path for Trump winning the needed number of delegates assumes Donald getting ZERO from Wisconsin. Some polling data suggests that Trump might get as many as 6 delegates, even with a loss. If Trump wins just one delegate in Wisconsin, he defeats Ted Cruz!

So who will win the 2016 Wisconsin primary? Who cares? At this point of the contest, its less about winning and more about how much do you loose by? Wisconsin is the ″Last Hurrah″ for Ted Cruz. Seriously, for John Kasich, too! Kasich should finish in second given the demographics, if not having a shot at 1st place. The fact that Kasich will finish well behind both Cruz and Trump is only proving what a futile campaign he is running. For Cruz, he′s going nowhere but into obscurity after Wisconsin. Both of them are merely acting as spoilers against Donald Trump. For Bernie Sanders, he already is a spoiler for Hillary Rodham Clinton. He can still give her plenty of headaches for the next few weeks, but by and large he is just a distraction for her.