The Internet was on fire last night during and after ′The Walking Dead′ Season 6 finale. Who did Negan kill in the episode, ″Last Day on Earth″? If you haven′t heard by now, too bad! The answer is, we don′t know! Negan, played by actor/comedian Jeffrey Dean Morris, made his grand appearance at the tail end of the finale episode. Toying with barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, named Lucille, Negan threatened to kill one of Rick Grime′s group. And kill he did, beating somebody up in the final moments. But we won′t learn who until Season 7 starts in October.

Needless to say, many fans are upset! They feel cheated, used and abused by the show′s producers and writers. But, this is what a cliffhanger is all about. The final episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead had its ′A-Team′ at the helm. Gregory Nicotero directed it and Scott Gimble wrote the episode. Gimble and series creator Robert Kirkman appeared after the show on ′Talking Dead′, along with Morris and fan favorite, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon. Gimble explained that the purpose in concluding Season 6 the way they did was to end one story arc. In the Season 7 premiere episode, a whole new story arc will begin as we learn who Negan killed and the impact it has on Rick and his group.

Negan has his choice of many to kill. Rick and his son Carl, Daryl, Michone, Glenn and Maggie, Abraham with both of his ladies, Sasha and his ex, Rosita, plus Eugene and Aaron. So many choices that Negan resorted to the old, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe routine. Nothing personal, its just business, Negan-style. Rick′s group must be taught the harsh lesson that they now belong to and work for The Saviors. Negan is not going to plant a garden and grow his own food. Nope, he expects other groups to feed him and The Saviors. This is why he won′t kill all of those who oppose him. He needs their labor.

Fans of The Walking Dead comics will understand what Scott Gimble meant about the beginning of a whole new story arc. In last night′s episode, Negan hints at what we can expect in the new story arc while he taunts Rick. The Alexandria Safe Zone had been peaceful until Rick and his party arrived. Sure, they lost a few people now and then due to zombies, and there were the three residents exiled. But now, after Rick shows up, Alexandria has become vulnerable to other groups of survivors. The Wolves practically killed half the community. Several died due to conflicts between residents and Rick and his people. Now, we have the Hilltop Community and The Saviors. There are other groups, as well, from the comic books whom have yet to appear in the TV series.

Not only are Rick and his people not alone, they are no longer as invincible as they thought they were. Just a couple of Rick′s people managed to fight off The Wolves. The Hilltop′ers are very benign and submissive. The Saviors are not only a strong challenge to Rick′s group, the are quite numerous. We saw at least 40-50 of them last night. Rick and his gang have already killed a bunch of them, maybe 25-35, and it hasn′t seemed to have made much of a dent. The Saviors are a whole other ballgame!

In Seasons 1 and 2, Rick and his pals made it through the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse, even surviving Earl and Shane. In Seasons 3 and 4, they had to contend with Woodberry and the first real arch-villain of the series, The Governor. But Rick and his group survived, though they paid a heavy price. The lost their home, The Prison, and were scattered to the winds at first. Most wound up captured by the cannibals of Terminus in Season 5, until Carol came to their rescue. The Termites were still a problem through part of Season 5. Then came the attempt to rescue Beth from Slabtown, a hospital in Atlanta controlled by some police. Again, a high price was paid in that exchange.

They wound up in Alexandria and while it seemed to be an ideal setting at first, trouble was just around the corner. Most of Season 6 was spent in dealing with The Wolves and a massive horde of walkers. Now, Rick has learned that they have neighbors and the game is changing yet again. Just as Alexandria was on the verge of some real progress, they are faced with total war!

I can understand why many fans were disappointed last night with the cliffhanger. Believe me, I wish we knew who Negan killed. But would that really give us any closure? We would be fuming all summer long about Glenn, or Daryl or whomever it was? No, I think the production team of The Walking Dead made the right call in holding back this information. Even the cast does not know who gets killed! They won′t find out until they start filming again next month. Comic book fans know that Glenn is the one Negan makes an example of. But the TV series has not always followed the comics precisely. We almost lost Glenn earlier in Season 6, so I am inclined to think that it was a preparation for things to come. But who knows? At this point, anyone is fair game, though the most likely victims are either Glenn, Daryl, Abraham or Aaron. Maybe toss in Eugene, too. I have to wonder if ′Lucille′ can bash her way through Eugene′s mullet?

There is one other thing I can say about The Walking Dead Season 6 finale last night, it was high-drama television at its best! We had plenty of action, suspense and thrills. Morgan found Carol and saved her from being killed by one of the Saviors. Carl and Enid are definitely an item. Abraham is definitely in love with Sasha. As is Rick in love with Michone. The suspense of learning who Negan kills seems to me to be a huge factor in the saga of Maggie and Glenn. Especially since Maggie may have had a miscarriage and is in need of medical attention. Daryl doesn′t look good, either, after being shot by Dwight. We don′t yet know who Morgan and Carol ran into to, but she needs a doctor, too.

Can you wait till October before learning who Negan killed on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale? I don′t like to, but I′m ready to wait it out. Its better this way so we get the full impact with additional shows immediately after. In the mean time, we have Fear The Walking Dead starting up again with the Season 2 premiere next Sunday night on AMC. Talk about cliffhangers, we′ll finally find out what happened to Flight 462? Yeah, I′m sure we assume that it crashed. But did anyone survive? If so, will they join the cast of the Season 1 survivors? So keep the popcorn handy and sharpen your knives. There are more walkers on the way to put down.