Shame on the Fox News Channel, they lied to ME Saturday afternoon! Some second-string, weekend anchor, if you can call him a news anchor, promised that Fox News would carry the Donald Trump speech in Racine, Wisconsin yesterday live. Just before 1pm, I had completed cooking my lunch and was settling down to enjoy my meal while watching some TV. I had TCM tuned in and saw it was the first of the Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller, which I′ve probably seen 1,500 times at least! So, like any Real Man, I began channel surfing, looking for something more interesting. That is when I happened on FNC which showed a split screen, one of which showed the crowded room in Racine of folks waiting to hear Trump. The news anchor, I didn′t catch his name, promised that they would go to it live once Trump appeared.

Hurrah! Nothing better on a Saturday afternoon than listening to a Donald Trump campaign speech. Who knows what he′ll say or do? Maybe admonish somebody or order some protesters out? Who can say? I could always watch the latest edition of Cutlery Corner, which I DVR′d overnight. Two hours of knives and swords for sale with host Todd Boone are a weekly ritual for me. Almost as much fun as watching Elise Ivy or Jennifer Coffey pitch products on QVC!

So I′m eating my lunch and watching an endless parade of Trump haters on Fox News. Foolish writers and pundits from The Nation, The Weekly Standard, etc. I finish my lunch, wash my dishes and brush my teeth and what do I find? Sarah Palin is doing an intro for Trump on the split screen! But, the idiot Fox anchor is talking to some dirty-blonde bimbo who is a ′Cuckservative′ talk radio host in Wisconsin instead! Apparently, she interviewed Trump for 25 minutes on Friday and she must have badgered him enough to the point where he left abruptly. Or, at least that is what she is claiming. Who can say since Fox News is only playing the last ten seconds or so of the interview where she notices that Trump has hung up on her!

The clock on my cable box says its 1:47pm EDT and still no live feed from the Trump rally. Oh, but he′s there now, on stage, talking to a large crowd. Yet, the Fox News anchor still is babbling away with the bimbo! So I surf over to CNN. Again, a split screen with the Trump rally but instead of focused on the man, himself, the anchor-babe is chatting with the reporter covering the rally. I surf over to MSNBC. They had been carrying a Bernie Sanders speech live. Let′s give them some credit for once! At least MSNBC seems to understand that the candidates are the story, not other reporters or pundits talking about the candidates! C-SPAN was carrying some Congressional hearing on opioid overdoses from earlier in the week. I think from Wednesday. C-SPAN 2 and 3 had there usual weekend fare of bookstore chats and speeches from 10-20 years ago. But, I did learn on C-SPAN 1 that they would be covering the Donald Trump speech in another town at 4pm local time. Hurrah!

With three hours to kill, I went back to TCM. By now it was 2pm EDT and the next movie on the schedule was the safari classic, ″King Solomon′s Mine″ with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr. You can′t go wrong there! Of course, I′ve seen this movie at least 100 times. So after a couple of drags from a nice doobie and one cigarette, I chilled out and had a good two-hour nap. Upon awaking, I was all fresh and ready for some Trump-TV! With still plenty of time, I finally watched the DVR recording of Todd Boone and Cutlery Corner. Very exciting, too, as they will be drawing at the end of April for a lucky winner to receive a full-size, replica of a Viking dagger made from high-carbon, Damascus steel. Mmm, Damascus steel! Now we′re talkin′!

After breezing through the two-hour show on fast-forward, stopping here and there for good knife deals, including some new Donald Trump folding knives, my prayers were answered. C-SPAN carried the Donald Trump speech, as well as the Sarah Palin lead-in, live and complete, without an idiotic commentary. There was one brief moment when the signal was lost, probably some fool tripped over a wire. But the Trump speech was awesome! I even cheered when Trump got a group of teenage boys standing behind him, all wearing ″Trump′s Wall″ t-shirts, to take an oath with him to never use drugs or smoke cigarettes. LOL! That Donald Trump! What a guy! And people wonder why I want him to be our next president of the United States? So, despite being lied to by the Fox News Channel, I still got my fix of Trump TV!