Poor Hillary Rodham Clinton! The ′Bernie People′ are now heckling her over campaign donations Ma Clinton shook down from fossil fuel corporations and lobbyists. During a rally yesterday, her speech was interrupted by a chorus of hecklers, whom Hillary berated as being ″the Bernie People′, stealing a line from GOP candidate Donald Trump. After the speech, while working the ′rope line′ shaking hands, an activist from Greenpeace questioned Hillary about the millions of dollars she has received from oil, gas and coal sources. Hillary Clinton responded harshly, ″I am so sick of the Bernie Sanders campaign lying about me.″ To be fair, the amount of money donated to Hillary from ′fossil fuel′ sources is around $307,561, according to the Center for Responsive Politics based on FEC data. Bernie Sanders has received about $50,000 from such sources.

Bet you thought from the title that I was playing an April Fools Day joke for 2016. That I was going to write about the low stamina Hillary being medically unfit to be president. She probably is physically, and mentally unfit for office. But Hillary Clinton has plenty of trouble enough. With Bernie Sanders now leading her in Wisconsin and closing the gap in the latest polls for the New York primary, Hillary is also facing the FBI. Their investigations into her mishandling of classified material using a private email server, and an unprotected Blackberry device, along with questionable donations to her family′s charity while serving as Secretary of State, is putting Hillary in jeopardy.

Reports this week by the LA Times and Washington Post say that the FBI is entering the final phase of its investigation into Hillary Clinton and her activities as Secretary of State. Interviews with former members of her staff, as well as Hillary, herself, may happen quite soon. I half expect a list or some sort of definitive announcement on those interviews to be released either today or next Friday afternoon, just before the New York primary on April 19. Meanwhile, her campaign rival, Senator Sanders, is still calling on Hillary Clinton to release the transcripts of speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs, for which she was paid some $225,000 each for.

Sanders and his supporters, affectionately known as ′the Bernie People′, are now also harping on the sources of the millions of dollars raised for Hillary′s campaign. The Greenpeace hecklers yesterday challenging donations by fossil fuel entities is nothing compared to money Hillary has gotten from the Big Banks, Wall Street, and hedge funds. About $22 Million dollars in all. Add to that about $14 Million from lawyers and other K-Street lobbyists. Sanders raised some $44 Million dollars in March, 2016, nearly all of it from some 2 million supporters via the Internet.

While there has been much attention in The Media about the chaos in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party is also clearly divided. There is a struggle brewing between ′The Establishment′, which is hell bent on a coronation of Hillary Clinton as their nominee, and ′the Bernie People′, who are feeling slighted by the rigged rules of the DNC. The whole subject of super-delegates plays an important role in this divide, as it appears to be the key behind guaranteeing Hillary the nomination. Sanders does trail Clinton in awarded delegates, as well as raw vote totals, by a substantial margin.

Add this to the fundamental element that nearly every poll, national or statewide, among Democratic voters still gives Hillary Clinton very high, unfavorable numbers. When it comes to honesty, generally about two-thirds to three-quarters of Democrats consider Hillary to be dishonest. She is the most disliked candidate after Donald Trump by many demographic groups. What worries many Democratic Party officials is the lack of enthusiasm they are seeing in the primaries. So it is no wonder that Hillary Rodham Clinton is ″so sick″ of the criticism she is getting from within her own party. She knew all along that Republicans would hammer her. But now, she is facing off with die-hard Liberals of the Extreme Left. Something that Hillary and her campaign had not counted on.