Chris Matthews of MSNBC interviewed Donald Trump yesterday during a so-called ′townhall′ event. I always wonder how those in The Media call townhall events when only a handful of questions are actually posed by the audience? Anyway, during Matthews interrogation of Trump, the subject of abortion came up. Democratic candidates hardly ever get questioned on abortion, but Republicans are always fair game to The Media. Donald Trump was asked if abortion were banned and made illegal, would there be any consequences? Would anyone be punished for breaking the law? As Trump began to answer, Matthews threw in, ″Women?″, as he usually asks three or four questions before allowing the guest to answer one. Donald Trump paused for a split second or so and answered, yes, women should be punished. Oh-Oh!

While the townhall event was live, it was not aired live but taped during the afternoon for playing later during prime-time. But, MSNBC decided to air snippets of the event and leading the way was the abortion question to Trump. So after about 36 hours of non-stop attacks on Donald Trump for being loyal to his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and The Media tying this to Trump being a misogynist, hating all women, needless to say The Media went bonkers over this new remark.

As usual, Donald Trump view on abortion is rational and logical, based on common sense. His answer was honest and straight forward, not the typically coached, poached and focus-group-tested pandering which politicians usually give. If abortion is illegal, even if just certain kinds of abortion under specific circumstances, then yes, if someone breaks the law, somebody needs to be punished. What is so irrational or illogical about that? Obviously, if the woman is involved in the decision to break the law, then she should be subject to punishment. DUH!

The Trump campaign quickly issued two statements clarifying their candidate′s position on abortion. The first was that Trump′s has always been against abortion with some exceptions. The second was clearly reversed his answer to Matthews saying that doctors and those involved in performing an abortion should be subject to punishment and that the women were ″victims″. Frankly, if the Trump campaign made a mistake, I think its with these follow-up statements.

Where is the outrage over the statement by Heidi Cruz about her husband on ″how supportive Ted has always been of all the women in his life.″??? For starters, just how many women have been in the life of Ted Cruz? Were any abortions involved? Children we don′t know about? Is he supporting women with hush money? As they say, ″Inquiring minds want to know!″ What about Ted Cruz saying he′d like to run over Trump with his car? Not exactly very ′presidential′, is it?

There is just no pleasing The Media and critics. That is Rule Number One. Even when Donald Trump raised millions of dollars to help veterans instead of attending another dopey and pointless debate, The Media attacked Trump rather than praise him. Donald Trump gave an honest answer on abortion. If you break the law, there has to be a consequence and therefore some form of punishment. Keep in mind we are talking about a rather narrow set of parameters. A late term abortion that would not be associated with any medical emergency nor other extenuating circumstances. Sort of the old, ″I got an abortion in the second or third trimester because it would interfere with my tennis game″ excuse. Is a woman a ″victim″ because her pregnancy has become inconvenient to her? Its cutting into her social life and fun?

Yes, the doctors and those involved in the actual procedure of an illegal abortion should be punished. Which is pretty much what the second statement released by the Trump campaign says. If there is one point that Donald Trump made which I would disagree with, its no punishment for the father. Thanks to Barack Obama, our Socialized medical system now makes tracking baby-daddys easier. If some guy is running around getting multiple women pregnant and causing lots of abortions, then he should be punished if not sterilized. Let us return the concept of responsibility to our way of life. There are plenty of ways to have sex and enjoy pleasure with having very little risk of pregnancy.

Personally, I have no problem with consenting adults practicing contraception. I don′t even have any objections to a ′morning after′ pill. I know enough about biology to know that not all fertilized embryos become viable fetuses. For the time being, the law gives women three months to make a decision. Anyone who has seen fetuses in earlier states, thanks to the wonders of science, knows that the fetus begins taking on definite human qualities within at least six weeks if not less. The wonders of science are also making life more viable for earlier births. So late term abortions are becoming less necessary in exceptional cases.

But The Media and critics of Donald Trump have to attack him daily on some matter. So today, and probably for the next few days, they′ll be attacking Trump on abortion. This is what happens when you have a candidate who is not a professional politician, who carefully utters talking points and dodges hard questions on a regular basis. With Donald Trump, you have an honest man. One who speaks from his mind, heart and gut. Trump tells you what he thinks, what he feels, without consulting a focus group nor a panel of highly paid media experts. The Media exploits this honesty, trying to make it a liability rather than a benefit. The voters will ultimately decide and if they choose a liar over an honest man, then so be it. Its not like they haven′t chosen liars for the White House the past 7 election cycles. Donald Trump is the exception to ′politics as usual′, and his popularity scares the hell out of The Establishment.