One thing you have to say about Donald J Trump, he rewards loyalty with loyalty! Such is the case of a criminal charge of ′simple battery′ filed against Trump′s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. During a campaign event/press conference in Jupiter, Florida on March 8, Michelle Fields, then a reporter for Breitbart News, claims that she was grabbed and nearly knocked down by Lewandowski. Fields was walking close to Trump as he left the room after the press conference. There is audiotape of her talking about this alleged attack with Ben Terris of The Washington Post, a transcript of the audio was later published by Politico. However, video evidence from various sources, including security cameras, shows that Fields was barely bumped or touched by Lewandowski. Still, Fields posted pictures of bruises on her left arm and filed a criminal complaint with local police. Yesterday, Corey Lewandowski was formally charged and released, awaiting a court hearing in May.

Michelle Fields resigned from Breitbart, along with several others, including her editor Ben Shapiro when Breibart News cautioned its employees from defending Fields. Indeed, Fields has made a similar claim before of being knocked down and assaulted by New York City police while covering an Occupy Wall Street protest. That claim was proven to be false. There seems to be a high likelihood that the allegations of being ′battered′ by Corey Lewandowski are also false, now that a clear video has been released to the public. It is difficult to tell if he had grabbed her and it is plainly obvious that she was not knocked nor dragged down. From the video, it looks like she wasn′t even phased by the encounter. In fact, the only grabbing that is clear is off Fields grabbing Donald Trump′s right arm and two secret service agents grabbing Michelle Fields.

Trump is standing by his campaign manager, calling the allegations against Corey Lewandowski frivolous. Not only does Donald Trump refuse to suspend or fire Lewandowski but is giving him his full support. Most legal experts opining on cable news yesterday agree that the charge of simple battery will probably be either dismissed before going to trial or easily won by the defendant should it be heard by a judge and jury. Trump is even considering filing charges himself against Fields, though I doubt if he would waste his time doing so. Some would say that she may have broken federal laws by encroaching Trump within his Secret Service protection.

This is much ado about nothing as it is purely political. Ben Shapiro is well know to be a supporter of Ted Cruz. While I do not know whom Michelle Fields is supporting, I suspect that she is definitely part of the anti-Trump crowd. The question she was posing to Trump when all of this took place was allegedly about affirmative action. Not exactly an important campaign issue in 2016. Prior to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, it was pretty much guaranteed that the Supreme Court was going to rule against it. While it may have had a role decades ago, the practice has little weight these days. Even with Barack Obama in the White House, non-whites are not doing all that well. For that matter, neither are whites anymore! That′s the ′New Normal′ in the Age of Obama, we are all equally miserable!

By backing his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump once again shows the steel he is made of. Your typical politician would have ditched Lewandowski like a hot potato. Just look at how fast Ted Cruz dumped Rick Tyler over alleging that Marco Rubio insulted the Bible. As for Michelle Fields, I′m sure that she′ll turn up again like some bad penny. I would not be surprised if George Soros would quietly finance Ben Shapiro starting some phony, ′Conservative′ news website and hire Fields as his ace reporter. Its all part of the kabuki theater of politics in America.