One would think that if somebody is running for the office of the presidency of the United States, that somebody would be eager to speak to millions of people. Especially if those millions of people are part of a talk radio audience which is deeply interested in what presidential candidates have to say. But, apparently Texas Senator Ted Cruz is afraid to take questions from Dr. Michael Savage, host of ″The Savage Nation″. Savage has the second largest ′live′ audience on radio airwaves, and is Number One on the various digital formats including the Internet. The good doctor had Donald Trump on his program this past Monday and Savage mentioned that his producers also extended an invitation to the Ted Cruz campaign, but they chose to not even reply back. So why is Ted Cruz afraid of ″The Savage Nation″?

Donald Trump certainly is not! True, Savage has made no secret that he is supporting Trump in the 2016 GOP primaries. However, there has been several times when Michael Savage voiced concerns to his huge audience that he may retract his support after some of Trump′s statements, both genuine and alleged. The show on Monday followed just such an open concern which Dr. Savage expressed last Friday. This had to do with the National Enquirer article about allegations that Ted Cruz has had a number of mistresses. Savage told his audience that a source of his claimed that the Enquirer story was part of a smear job originated by a friend of Donald Trump. Michael Savage declared on his broadcast that if this were true, he would withdraw his support of Trump.

On Monday, Donald Trump was interviewed by Savage and denied any advanced knowledge of the Enquirer story as well as denying any involvement in the story being made public. On Friday, and throughout the weekend, Ted Cruz accused Trump of being behind the Enquirer story. While it is true that the parent company which owns the National Enquirer is run and largely owned by a personal friend of Trump′s, another story published by TheDailyBeast alleges that the story was promoted by people associated with the Marco Rubio campaign. My own sources support this allegation, depicting this as retaliation for at least two stories the Ted Cruz campaign was shopping around about Marco Rubio.

Oh, what a web we weave! I do not know if Michael Savage is aware of that allegation of this sorted affair, so I cannot say if he would have asked Ted Cruz about if he had the opportunity to do so during an interview with Cruz. The bottom line is that Donald Trump did agree to a live interview by Savage, whom has always asked direct, pointed questions to Trump during previous appearances. One of the hallmarks of the Donald Trump campaign has been his willingness to answer direct questions. Many of the answers Trump has given has gotten him into trouble with the usual gang of Media types because of Trump′s blunt honesty. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, carefully parses his words and gives half-answers with the same skill as Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Take for example last night′s townhall on CNN with Anderson ′The Mole′ Cooper. The former Reality TV host and journ-o-list asked all three GOP candidates if they were still willing to support the eventual presidential nominee? Both John Kasich and Ted Cruz gave half-answers that they would have to wait and decide later. When Cooper asked Trump about getting Ted Cruz′s endorsement, Donald Trump gave a direct answer, he doesn′t care nor does Trump need Cruz′s support. If Ted Cruz tried to hop on board the Trump bandwagon, he′d be kicked off, left sulking on the side of the road! Trump doesn′t even want Cruz′s supporters. No kidding! Would you want Mark Levin or Glenn Beck hanging around you? I sure wouldn′t! If those guys came within 10 feet of me, I′d whack them both with my ′Hurry-Cane′ and then double check my pocket to make sure I still have my wallet.

Ted Cruz is a loser! And a liar and a cheat, etc.! Neither Cruz, nor Kasich, have any real chance at being the GOP nominee at this point. If they truly cared about America, they would admit defeat and throw in the towel so Donald Trump could begin taking on Hillary Clinton, and or Bernie Sanders. Not to mention keeping a sharp eye on Barack Obama and rallying the GOP to prevent Obama from harming the nation further. No, instead, Cruz and Kasich are acting like spoiled children.

I have said this before and it needs repeating, if it were not for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz would have been wiped out months ago. Like a sniveling coward, Cruz hid behind Trump, and Ben Carson, too, throughout much of the pre-primary season. The Media would have eaten Cruz alive had they not been busy attacking Trump daily and Carson on weekends. Scott Walker probably would not have bailed out and won the Iowa caucus. Walker, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio then would have fought it out in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Had Donald Trump not jumped into the 2016 race, those three would be the current candidates, with one of them as the front runner.

I suspect that Ted Cruz is cowering from Dr. Michael Savage because Savage would expose Cruz as not being all that ′anti-Establishment′. Indeed, Savage said as much yesterday on his radio program. Even Rush Limbaugh has a hard time swallowing this ′Cruz myth′. Ted cannot be trusted as his voting record and activities in the US Senate have proven. Along with his associations with the Bush family, his wife, Heidi, worked for both JPMorgan-Chase and Goldman Sachs, and supported a Council on Foreign Relations study on the creation of the North American Union. An EU-like super-state which would have diminished, if not end, US sovereignty.

The disingenuous finger-waving Ted Cruz did last Friday, when he called Donald Trump a coward, is the last straw in my book. If anyone is a coward, it is Ted Cruz. He is afraid to appear on ″The Savage Nation″, and face being questioned by Dr. Michael Savage. While Savage has made it quite clear that he supports Donald Trump, he has also been critical of Trump at times. Trump has no problem facing tough questions posed by Dr. Savage, no anyone else for that matter. Trump even faced being badgered by a local Wisconsin radio host who backs Cruz. Ted Cruz appears to be afraid of Michael Savage, even though Savage has said on more than one occasion that he would support Cruz over Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. And that, my friends, is the difference! Glenn Beck and other Trump-haters have openly stated that they would not vote for Trump when he becomes the GOP nominee. They would rather have America burn in a Socialist hell. How rational is that?