With the ′all-important′ Wisconsin primary just one week away, some new polls show that Bernie Sanders is closing the gap with Hillary Clinton nationwide. For the 2016 GOP presidential race, Donald J Trump lead has grown to 48%, according to NBC-Survey Monkey. This poll shows Bernie now just 3 points behind Hillary amongst Democratic Party voters. Trump leads with Republicans, well ahead of Ted Cruz at 24% and John Kasich at 16%. So much for claims by Cruz, the anti-Trump bozos and Media pundits, that as the race had fewer candidates, Trump would remain at his ′ceiling′ of 33%.

Is the upcoming Wisconsin primary as ′all-important′ as some say? For the Republican race, the answer is ′No′! There are only 42 convention delegates to be won. Local polls show the race is in a virtual tie between Cruz and Trump. Even if Cruz wins, he′s not going to win enough of a percentage of delegates to make much of a difference. For the Democrats, Wisconsin may play a bigger role. There are 96 delegates up for grabs. Sanders has just had a very good week, winning 5 of 6 contests. If you discount the huge advantage Hillary Clinton has in super-delegates, Bernie is only about 300 delegates behind her. While he still has a gigantic, mathematical obstacle to overcome, Bernie Sanders could still be a threat to Hillary. Especially now that the FBI will begin questioning former, key members of her State Department staff.

Reports from the L.A. Times and Washington Post paint a grim picture as the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email server continues. At least some 147 investigators, about 1% of all FBI agents, are now part of the probe looking into the mishandling of classified material and suspicious donations to the Clinton Foundation charity. The formal questioning of former staff members will soon begin, probably by the time of the New York State primary on April 19. We can expect more leaks and tidbits to come out during this phase of the investigation, which is most likely criminal in nature Not just some routine check on procedures.

For Republicans, polls are showing most favor giving Trump the nomination, even if he falls a bit short on the delegate count. There is little tolerance for any shenanigans and abuse of party rules. The Cruz campaign is already busy at stealing delegates, starting in Louisiana. Trump is looking into filing a lawsuit, but that may not help him in the long run. He really needs to organize at some point and get delegates selected at state conventions whom will be loyal. Kasich is going nowhere and the only reason he is still about is thanks to fools like George Soros feeding him money.