Easter Sunday 2016 was bloody and deadly as Muslim terrorists target Christians in Pakistan and elsewhere. The Taliban splinter group, Jamaat ul-Ahrar, have taken credit for a bombing attack in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. The death toll is currently at 72 and climbing with over 300 wounded. The bomb was set off near a children fair ground with various amusement rides and such, set up as part of an Easter celebration. Meanwhile, members of the Islamic State, or ISIS or ISIL, beheaded a Christian priest taken hostage in Yemen recently. These acts come on the heel of other terrorist attacks committed by ISIS and other Muslim groups in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. All signs that the War on Islamic Terror continues to expand, contrary to the lies of the Barack Obama administration.

All of this follows the slow, lukewarm admission by Secretary of State John Kerry that there may be a deliberate Christian genocide taking place. Despite years of warnings and tens of thousands of deaths just in recent months, the Obama administration has been silent on this until a few days ago. Reports by a wide variety of study groups, even the United Nations, have been warning of a methodical genocide against Christians is underway. From Coptics being killed and harassed in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge, to the slaughter and enslavement of the Yazidi in Iraq and Syria, Christians are being run out of the Middle East.

This is not new. We saw this before, decades ago, when the PLO ran Christians out of Lebanon. The scale of horror and atrocities is much larger, now, has the practice of the Christian genocide spreads throughout the Middle East, South-Central Asia and Africa. The Yazidi are the latest victims as ISIS slaughters the men and enslaves the women and children. Another mass grave just began being exhumed this weekend in Iraq full of Yazidi dead. Now, the genocide appears to be spreading deep into Pakistan with this bombing in Lahore.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has done little to help those Christians who are being targeted by Islamic extremists. Few Christians have been granted refugee status while Obama vows to bring in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees. Even though there is no existing way to properly vet the refugees to determine if they are genuine or radicalized extremists, trained as terrorists to infiltrate America as they are currently doing so in Europe. ISIS is bragging about having smuggled some 500 terrorists into the heart of Europe, along with some 5,000 Muslim Europeans whom have returned to Europe after being trained in Syria and Iraq.

The bombings in Brussels last week, along with police raids associated with the Paris terrorist attacks last year, are showing that the network of ISIS terror cells is far larger and more spread out than previously thought. Arrests in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, along with those in Belgium, are all painting a grim picture. The policies of admitting hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into Europe is causing more than just a humanitarian crisis, it is aiding the terrorists, too!

But, Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and even John Kasich, vow to keep bringing in even more to the United States. Their ′Open Borders′, ′Open Door′ policies are totally misguided and more than foolish. They are deadly! Hardly a word is spoken by any of them about the Christian genocide that is now ongoing. Indeed, some news reports claim that the Obama administration, that as recently as 2013, the Obama administration may have been funding ISIS and the Christian genocide. Money intended for refugees, for propping up the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, as well as funds for anti-Assad forces in Syria, may instead have been used in part to fund the Christian genocide.

This is typical of the way Barack Hussein Obama operates. Always with incredible stupidity! Every time he makes any claim, you can expect the exact opposite to actually happen. If the truth is ever published, we may learn that Hillary Clinton and Obama are the true Mother and Father of the Islamic State, better known as ISIS or ISIL. Their policy blunders in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Libya, to name a few, have led to nothing but death and destruction. So while various terror groups like ISIS can claim responsibility for the ongoing Christian genocide, the true burden of blame falls on Obama.