If you think people will riot in the streets should the GOP steal the nomination from Donald Trump, just wait for fan reaction if Negan kills Daryl Dixon in next Sunday′s ″The Walking Dead″ Season 6 finale! It will be the ′Day of the Rope′! The show′s producers may find themselves hunted down by angry mobs of Daryl Dixon fans! But, as we saw in last night′s episode, Daryl has not only been captured, but was shot by his old nemesis, Dwight. Dwight assures Daryl that he′ll be ″Okay″, but we did see plenty of blood as the screen went black. So will Daryl be killed as his group finally encounters Negan, the leader of The Saviors? Or will some other secondary character die instead? Rumors abound! Potential SPOILER ALERT!!!

Plenty happened in yesterday′s episode. Carol, Queen of the Zombie Apocalypse, has left Alexandria as she no longer has the stomach for killing humans. But, kill she did after running into a pick-up truck loaded with five suspected Saviors, using a machine-pistol she sewed into her left jacket sleeve. Momma knows best! She tried to talk her way out of killing them, but to no avail. However, one of the Saviors survived and was last seen following Rick and Morgan as they search for Carol.

Meanwhile, Daryl left Alexandria to hunt down Dwight and his fellows after they killed Dr. Denise. Glenn, Michone and Rosita went after Daryl and eventually found him near the site of the ambush that claimed Denise. Daryl refused to listen to Glenn, who begged Daryl to come back and think this revenge-thing through. Daryl wasn′t waiting for anyone and Rosita joins him in the hunt. Glenn and Michone head back but stop for a philosophical chit-chat in the woods. NOTE TO GLENN: In the Zombie Apocalypse, please stay sharp and focused until you are back behind the safety of your walls! Having a discussion on logic and emotions in an unprotected area with roaming zombies and vicious humans around is not a good idea!

Rick and Morgan happen along another man who may be a Savior, or may belong to the Hilltop Community, or may be affiliated with another group from the comic book series known as The Kingdom. All this guy was doing was looking for his horse, but Rick was ready to kill him anyway. Morgan stopped him and as the man fled, Morgan confessed to Rick about not killing one of the Wolves who attacked Alexandria earlier. Morgan convinces Rick to go home while he remains in the field to search for Carol. If anyone can help Carol through her crisis of conscious, its Morgan. Rick agrees and he does make it back to Alexandria unharmed, but learns that the others, including Michone, are still missing.

Back at Alexandria, we have Maggie and Enid getting more chummy. After Maggie has Enid give her a haircut, and then succumbs to a sudden abdominal pain. Is she having a miscarriage? Where is Glenn when she needs him? Michone and Glenn are bound and gagged in the woods by Dwight and his fellows. We still do not know for certain if they are Saviors but all indications point that way. Daryl and Rosita sneak up on them but before they are able to do anything, Dwight and others ambush Daryl and Rosita. This is when Daryl gets shot and we see a burst of blood and hear Dwight tell Daryl he′ll be okay.

Spoilers for ″The Walking Dead″ Season 6 finale next Sunday show Rick and a group of Alexandrians meeting up with Negan and the Saviors to do a prisoner swap. We know from previous episodes that the Saviors tend to kill one person just to prove how serious they are. Comic book fans know that Negan kills Glenn, but the TV series does not follow the comics precisely. Much of the reaction to last night′s episode on the Internet borders on mass hysteria should Daryl Dixon die. He is perhaps the most popular character on the TV series, but Daryl was never part of the comic books.

Abraham, on the other hand, is part of both universes, and, in fact, was killed off in the comic books more or less the same way and time that Dr. Denise died. So, many are speculating that Abraham will get bumped off by Negan next Sunday. I can see Abraham now, mouthing off to Negan who in turn shoots him dead without any warning. Abraham has become a popular character in the TV version of ″The Walking Dead″ and has gotten a lot of ′face time′ lately. He has also switched female relationships, dumping Rosita for Sasha, and seems to have found some genuine happiness. So killing off Abraham would be tragic but have less of an impact on the fans than the death of Daryl Dixon. Daryl, along with Rick, Carl, and Carol, are all original cast members from the beginning and considered ′Untouchables′, along with Maggie and Michone. Morgan is too, though he′s only been a regular in Season 6.

Another ′conspiracy theory′ I would like to explore is Negan killing Rosita. While killing Abraham, a big, strong dude, would make more sense by Negan to show his own power, we know from the Hilltop experience that Negan killed a 16-year old lad to strike fear in that community. So, killing Rosita might be the safer call by the TV series′ producers. While she is popular, it is much less so than others and her death would create both the outrage and sympathy of the fan base needed for hyping up Season 7. Plus, Rosita is having a bad time anyway, having been dumped by Abraham and being reminded of it daily running into Sasha while on guard duty. Rosita hanging out with Spencer as a poor substitute for Abraham must be gnawing away at her. I suspect that part of her reason for going with Daryl on the hunt for Dwight is partially based on some level of attraction to Daryl. Lets face it, that is why the fans love Daryl! He′s the good, ′bad boy′! There has been plenty of flirtations between Daryl and Carol in the past, and for a time a connection with Maggie′s sister, Beth. He′s been a perfect gentleman with the ladies all along. So who cam blame Rosita for dreaming of Daryl?

I do not believe that Negan will kill Daryl Dixon in ″The Walking Dead″ Season 6 finale next Sunday. More likely it will be either Abraham or Rosita, and keep in mind that Rosita is already a prisoner, not Abraham. In the comic books, Negan kills Glenn. Here, again, is another scenario for fans rioting! Earlier this season, when Glenn was thought to have been killed, there was plenty of backlash. Following the comic book and killing off Glenn would prove that the TV series′ producers are brave enough to kill a major cast member. Plus, they could use the comic books as an excuse for doing so. And we′ve already had a taste of a dead Glenn earlier so the effect may not be as harsh compared to the death of Daryl. Like Rosita, Glenn is also a captive, along with Daryl and Michone. If ″The Walking Dead″ has a roulette wheel for who dies next week and if I had $100 to bet, I′d bet $40 each on Rosita and Abraham, and $20 on Glenn.