The National Enquirer has published a story claiming allegations that Ted Cruz may have had extramarital affairs with some five mistresses. I believe that GatewayPundits is calling it the ′Cuban Mistress Crisis.′ Three of the women were named, two were not. My sources tell me that several other news services have also had ′the story′ but sat on it. One did not publish it earlier because the editor, now former editor, is a Cruz supporter. I do not know the specific reason why the other did not publish it, although I can guess that it has to do with verification. The Drudge Report has been completely silent on this topic, which means that it is either totally false, or, they are still compiling sources. Until Matt Drudge weighs in on this, we have to assume that the allegations are unsubstantiated. But, we all know what happens when one assumes anything! Much like Ted Cruz alleging that Donald Trump, and/or his campaign, is behind this story. I can say with a high degree of confidence that Trump is innocent. My sources tell me that another candidate, now out of the race, may have had a hand.

As I wrote yesterday, I was planning on taking the weekend off from writing to celebrate Easter. But, much like Michael Corleone in ″The Godfather, Part III″, events ″keep dragging me back in!″ So here I am tip-toeing through a mine field of innuendo, rumors and allegations. Personally, based on my own sources, I believe the allegations, at least some of them. The National Enquirer did name three of the five women and all three of those named have denied the allegations. Of those three in particular, one stands out to me as a definite ′MAYBE′.

I won′t say which one it is, but there is a rather curious episode involving both Cruz and the woman getting temporary tattoos back in 2014. Both publicly displayed their ′tats′, Cruz even did so during a TV appearance. The woman on one of her social media accounts. It may not be sex but I would have to say that it is less than appropriate behavior between an employer and employee, or even for a friendly relationship between a man and a woman married to other people. My sources also tell me of rumors that there is an alleged video tape showing them checking in to a Washington DC hotel and allegations that this was a regular ′thing′ on Tuesdays and Thursdays some time ago before the presidential campaign.

So, the bottom line of this story by The National Enquirer on an alleged Ted Cruz sex scandal is that, for the time being, it is only an allegation. As I stated earlier, until The Drudge Report says otherwise, we should assume that the allegations are either false or unsubstantiated by any credible, hard evidence. Also false are any allegations by Ted Cruz that this story was conceived of by either Donald Trump or his campaign. If a campaign was involved it was that of one of the other candidates whom has dropped out of the GOP presidential race. As the Klingons say, ″Revenge is a dish best served cold.″ Trump′s tweets about ″spilling the beans″ on Heidi Cruz are about a completely different subject, namely her work for the Council of Foreign Relations on a study planning the forming of the North American Union, which I have written about weeks ago. There ′MAY′ be another ′bean′ my sources tell me which Trump ′MIGHT′ be alluding to, but I won′t go into it at present, as it has nothing directly to do with the allegations by The National Enquirer.

Now that The National Enquirer has broken the story, which some are calling the ″Cuban Mistress Crisis″, plenty of others are hot on the trail looking into the allegations. My personal opinion is that in the end, probably about 50% to 90% will turn out to be either false or simply impossible to prove. That still leaves us with a large enough slice of allegations that may wind up being true if there are any pieces of evidence which can be verified. Personally, I would dismiss or even just ignore the whole story by The National Enquirer except for this episode about the tattoos. Ted Cruz got one of Winston Churchill, which he proudly displayed on television as an April Fool′s joke in 2014 on ″Fox & Friends″. The woman, Amanda Carpenter, got one also at the same time and posted a selfie of it on one of her social media accounts. Maybe I′m just an old, stick-in-the-mud, but I do not believe that going to a tattoo parlor and getting matching tats is appropriate behavior between an employer and employee, particularly when the employer is a man and the employee a woman. Blurred lines have a tendency to blur even further. We′ll see how blurry things get as this story develops and unfolds further.