I was actually considering taking the weekend off. Celebrating Good Friday with a nice fish dinner. Maybe even color some eggs on Holy Saturday. Then chilling out on Easter Sunday watching TV. A break from the nonsense of politics and the world at large. But, then our idiotic leader, Barack Hussein Obama, has to go and end Holy Week by being extra stupid. I mean REALLY STUPID! EXTRAORDINARLIY STUPID!!! Bad enough he blew off the whole Brussels terror attacks with a 51-second statement, then went to watch a baseball game in Cuba. Bad enough he danced the Tango of Terror in Argentina while his wife complained about how men used to whistle at her. My guess is she wishes men still did whistle at her! But, Barack Hussein Obama takes the cake today declaring that there is no difference between Communism and Capitalism. None what so ever!

Is this guy stupid or what? I mean, you would have to be a total and complete ignoramus to think that there is no difference between Communism and Capitalism. That these two economic-political systems are interchangeable. You can swap them out for each other and nobody would notice. I suppose some may think this almost comes close to Obama′s remarks the other day about how fighting ISIS-ISIL is his ″top priority″. I thought global warming or climate change was his top priority? Or transforming America via immigration was his top priority. Or creating jobs, jobs, jobs, was his top priority?

There is no limit to the utter lies and stupidity of Barack Hussein Obama. This guy is the biggest dope ever to be elected, let alone to the White House of all places. People think Donald Trump may not be ′presidential′! Give me a break! The squirrel in my backyard has more intelligence than Obama! He is so clueless about everything, Obama that is, not my neighborly squirrel.

The fact that Obama sees no difference at all between Communism and Capitalism should be grounds for impeachment due to insanity. Or at least mental incompetence. Apparently, Obama never saw those long lines of Russians waiting outside empty stores short on milk and other food. Heck, you have much the same happening now in Venezuela, and they are only a Socialist dictatorship. Not full-out Communism! North Korea is a good example of that, where people are actually dying in the streets from hunger. Meanwhile, with Capitalism, any decent grocery store has at least two or three dozen varieties of just Pop Tarts to choose from! Let alone aisles and aisles of other yummy goodies to eat.

So have a Happy Easter and enjoy the fruits of Capitalism, dear friends. Unlike the idiot Barack Hussein Obama, I know that there is a huge difference between Communism and Capitalism. Unless there is some earth-shattering development, I′m going to take a break this weekend. Peace and prosperity to you all!