Police in Belgium have identified the suspects in the Brussels terror attacks. As it turns out, the suspects are well known to authorities. The two suicide/homicide bombers were brothers, Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui. Both have criminal records, ranging from armed robbery to car-jacking and have spent time in prison. The third man seen in surveillance video footage at the Zaventem Airport outside of Brussels is Najim Laachraoui. He is the subject of a manhunt now and is also connected to the Paris terror attacks last November. Laachraoui is also an associate of Salah Abdeslam, whom was arrested last week Friday in the heavily Muslim community of Mulenbeek near Brussels.

Authorities got a huge break when a cabbie came forward claiming to have driven the three men to the airport. The cab driver told police that they had so much luggage and it was so heavy that they had trouble getting it all into the cab. Some of the baggage was left behind at an apartment where the three men were picked up. Police raided the apartment and discovered at least one additional bomb, studded with nails, as well as bomb-making chemicals and an ISIS flag. The Islamic State has claimed credit for yesterday′s terror attacks in Brussels, which killed 31 and wounded some 260 people in total.

The response in Europe has been one of solidarity and calls for war against ISIS. Barack Hussein Obama spent a grand total of 51 seconds talking about the Brussels terror attacks during a press conference in Cuba yesterday. He then went to a baseball game. Many are critical of the lack of commitment and concern displayed by Obama. Just as he did after both ISIS attacks in Paris, France, Obama seems to just be shrugging the whole thing off as if it were little more than a criminal act of vandalism done by teenagers.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich offered little more than Obama, promising to do ″Dis, Dat, and the Utter Ting″, against ISIS. Ted Cruz thinks he′s refighting World War Two, calling on carpet bombing ISIS, presumably with B-17s. Only Donald Trump is offering a real plan, starting with the obvious step of first trying to figure out what is going on? Why are these so angry with us? What can we do to stem the cycle of hate and violence? Trump also called for more enhanced interrogation methods to be practiced not only by the United States, but also by our allies in the war against ISIS.

Some argue that this would violate the Geneva Convention, but those rules of war only apply to soldiers of an actual nation state. ISIS is not recognized by anyone as a legitimate nation state, nor does any other nation have diplomatic ties with them. So ISIS is fair game for whatever measures are needed to destroy them. Not only enhanced interrogation, but also assassinating family members of terrorists, and using techniques such as bullets dipped in pig′s blood, or burying terrorists with pigs. If ISIS thinks they can go around beheading innocent civilians, burning them alive, drowning them inside cages or throwing homosexuals off of rooftops, then ISIS should expect no mercy or quarter from us. Trump is correct in this sort of thinking. Barbarians like ISIS fighters only understand brute force and horrific violence. You are not going to spread fear in them by holding an encounter group.

While police in Belgium search for Najim Laachraoui, a suspect in the Brussels terror attacks, they still do not know if he is even still alive? He may have blown himself up when a third bomb was exploded in the Brussels Metro subway system. If he is still at large, his immediate arrest is doubtful. Laachraoui has managed to evade authorities for months following the Paris terror attacks which claimed some 130 dead victims. Like Salah Abdeslam, the local Muslims in Mulenbeek knew where they were and protected them.