Billionaire businessman Donald J Trump won the Arizona primary yesterday hands down. Trump will get all 58 delegates from the ′winner-take-all′ state. Ted Cruz won the Utah caucus by a large enough margin to earn all 40 allotted delegates. Cruz will also be endorsed by the low-energy Jeb Bush, if anybody cared. Well, one person cared, Foam-Boy Marco Rubio, who was still on the ballot in Arizona and got 14% of the vote. Both Trump and Cruz also won one delegate each American Samoa. Meanwhile, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Arizona primary while Bernie Sanders won both Utah and Idaho in the Democratic Party race. Hillary will get the larger share of the 75 delegates from Arizona, Bernie will get most from his victories, but Utah offers only 33 and Idaho 27 delegates.

The victory by Donald Trump in Arizona puts him one step closer to acquiring the needed 1237 delegates for the RNC convention in Cleveland this summer. For Cruz, his win is little more than a moral victory which may be countered by the endorsement from Jeb Bush. In this political season of anti-Establishment sentiment amongst voters, getting support from chaps like Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney and now Jeb Bush may only hurt Cruz in the long run. Even if John Kasich were to face reality and withdraw from the GOP presidential race, the math for Ted Cruz winning the nomination is nearly impossible. Trump′s has actually improved by at least 2-points by winning Arizona.

Likewise for Bernie Sanders. His two wins last night really do not help him at all in catching Hillary Clinton. As stated often before, the only thing that can help Bernie right now is the FBI recommending an indictment against Hillary to the Justice Department. Even if Barack Obama orders Loretta Lynch to ignore the recommendation, the stain is there. Some Democratic voters will have to face the music, and even more would turn against Hillary if the FBI turns up potential corruption charges dealing with donations to the Clinton Foundation charity. The email scandal is ′only′ about National Security, something which Democrats are generally unconcerned with. But taking money from Big Corporations in exchange for political favors and access is something that even mentally disturb Liberals have issues with.

Following last night′s Arizona primary the the two caucus contests in Utah and Idaho, the scene shifts this weekend to Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii for Democrats. The next Republican contest is Wisconsin in two weeks. Donald J Trump is expected to do well in Wisconsin while Bernie Sanders may succeed in this weekends′ votes. Even if he wins them all, Sanders will only get a few delegates, hardly enough to catch up with Hillary Rodham Clinton. But, it will be enough for Bernie to keep raising money and stay in the race. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are in the same boat as Bernie Sanders. Their campaigns share the moral futility of the home-coming float at the end of ″Animal House″. Was it over when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor? Silly people!