Just four days after the arrest of Paris terror attack suspect Salah Abdeslam in a suburb of Brussels, Belgium, a series of bomb blasts rip through the Zaventem Airport and the Brussels Metro Subway. Reuters and the Associated Press are reporting that as many as 11 people were killed and over 80 injured at the Brussels airport, while another 25 were killed and 55 wounded in the subway bombings. Witnesses at the airport say that at least one man began shouting in Arabic near the American Airlines check-in station on the upper Departure Level at about 8am local time. Some heard gunfire, followed by two explosions. Reports are that the entire upper level of the Departure Lounge was destroyed. Barely 90 minutes later, as rush-hour commuters headed for work in downtown Brussels near the European Union buildings, as many as three bombs exploded at the Maelbeek Metro subway station.

While this is breaking news and details may change, it appears rather obvious that this morning′s attacks in Brussels, Belgium were part of an Islamic terror cell. When police arrested Salah Abdeslam last week Friday, after a 4-month, international search, they discovered a large cache of weapons. They also determined that the Paris terror attack leader had formed a new terror cell in Belgium with at least 30 members. Some reports say that the overall number of Islamic terrorists affiliated with Abdeslam may be as high as 200.

There seems little doubt that this morning′s terror attack was either planned before the arrest of Abdeslam, or a direct response to it. Belgium is on its highest level of alert, closing down airports and rail traffic. Other EU nations are taking appropriate steps. The attacks themselves were obviously planned to take advantage of emergency responders focusing on the airport first. Then, bombing the subway station in downtown Brussels to create further chaos and pull responders from the first attack scene. More calls are being made by many experts to stem the tide of Muslim refugees pouring into Europe. Some 5,000 known European Muslims have returned from being trained in Syria by ISIS, the Islamic State.