Barack Hussein Obama has proven that after more than 7 years in the White House, he still has no clue on how to be president. Obama arrived in Cuba yesterday with his family as if he were just another tourist. Not the first, sitting US president to visit the island nation in over 80 years. There was no brass band, no pomp and circumstance. Neither Fidel nor Raul Castro bothered to greet Obama at the airport. Even after arriving, Obama got only the ′nickel tour′ of Old Havana. To top that off, the Cuba government did not spare the tyranny as it cracked down on dissidents protesting the Cuba′s inhumane treatment of political prisoners. Cuba showed its utter contempt for Obama, his administration, and for the United States in general.


Barely 100 miles away, Donald J Trump spoke to a group of supporters at his fabulous resort of Mara Lago, criticizing Obama and the international disgrace that Obama is. Trump said that if he were president and saw no official state greeting on the tarmac, he would have ordered Air Force One to take off and return home. He should have added buzzing the tower as they left. Of course, had Trump been president, he would not have even flown down there unless there was a really good reason, such as a major step towards ending decades of human rights abuses.

Now, I don′t mind so much the move to lift economic sanctions on Cuba. They haven′t worked in the past six decades and with China and other nations cleaning our clocks on international trade, we need to do something different. But Obama is basically giving away the store once again and getting nothing in return. He just plain sucks as a negotiator! He just plain sucks at choosing people to negotiate for us. Obama sucks at devising a strategy for negotiating. What are our goals? What do we hope to get out of this? What will it cost us?

And people like David Brooks wonder why so many American people support Donald J Trump? Trump is a master at negotiating. This has been one of the main themes of Trump′s campaign. He wrote ″The Art of the Deal″, probably one of the best books to learn how to negotiate from. The American people have felt on the wrong side of Washington′s deal making for decades. Certainly since NAFTA. Obama has only accelerated this discontent because every time he does something, the results are worse in the end.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama will actually meet with Raul Castro in Cuba and they may discuss matters of state. You can bet your bottom dollar that Castro will get the better of Obama. This isn′t community organizing and the Castro boys are not some frightened shop owners in South Chicago. This whole trip to Havana was a huge mistake from the start. Some sort of deal should have been hammered out ahead of time, certainly with some attention to the human rights abuses on political dissidents in Cuba. Only once an agreement is completed, then let Obama fly down to sign some document and try to look presidential. But, instead, Obama and his family look like tourists on yet another poorly planned vacation. What is next? Thanksgiving in Tehran?