I have written before about various gatherings for Republican Party and so-called Conservative movement muckety-mucks on how to stop the Donald Trump campaign. One such meeting took place the other day in Washington DC attended by Beltway has-beens like George Will and so-called ′rising-stars′ like Erik Erickson. They came up with a three-step plan which involves a ′unity ticket′, a brokered convention, and if needed, a 3rd Party option. There can only be a unity-ticket if Ted Cruz and John Kasich agree to work together, which simply is not going to happen. Both are egotistical bozos and both are quite delusional at this point in time. Because of that, Trump will easily achieve the needed 1237 delegates, probably closer to 1300, so forget about a brokered convention. That leaves only the 3rd Party candidate option. Who to run against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? If your goal is to blow-up the whole democratic political process, you need someone experienced in surviving Armageddon. Rick Grimes for president in 2016?

Rick Grimes

Ah, a Man of Action! If the dummies from Black Lives Matter, La Razza, MoveOn and People for Sanders think Donald Trump is a fascist, wait till they get a load of ′The Ricktatorship! Yes! Rick Grimes, the humble deputy sheriff from King County, Georgia, primary character in the hit cable TV series and comic books/graphic novels of ″The Walking Dead″. Rick is a proven leader during the Zombie Apocalypse. Just the sort of man we need now to navigate us through these perilous times. Not only will Rick Grimes defend and protect you, but he will also give you plenty of ″stuff and things″.

I know, its an inside joke for true fans of ″The Walking Dead″. But who doesn′t want ″stuff and things″? I sure do! Like most political figures, Rick has gone through an evolution. As a law enforcement officer before the Zombie Apocalypse, Rick would only shoot armed suspects whom posed a threat. After the Zombie Apocalypse, Rick will shoot just about anybody, alive or dead! Just because they are not a threat today doesn′t mean they won′t become one tomorrow!

Rick Grimes is tough and all business, all the time. Take, for example, a couple of episodes ago when his group was looking for a suitable head to offer the dreaded Savior group as being the severed head of Gregory, leader of the Hilltop Community. One of five head bore a decent resemblance except for the nose, which Rick proceeded to break with his fist. ″What?″, he says to others whom were horrified by this display of brutality. It′s only a zombie head! It certainly isn′t doing the zombie any good any more.

If you want somebody who could stand up to Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rick Grimes is your best bet. Even with a scruffy beard and blood all over his face, Rick has a commanding presence. Who will argue with him on a debate stage while he′s enunciating his words with his stainless-steel .44 magnum? Don′t call on me, I′d stay clear of this dude! You wanna kill Pete so you have have sex with his wife, Jesse, go right ahead, Rick. I won′t stop you. Pete is a porch-d*ck, anyway! So if voters like Erik Erickson and George Will are looking for a 3rd Party candidate to support in November, how about Rick Grimes for president in 2016? If you question the wisdom of the ′Ricktatorship′, just remember Rick′s standard response…, ″WHAT?″