So the Donald Trump haters have reached new heights of sheer lunacy this week. On Thursday, Derek T. Muller of the Washington Post suggests that it is okay to suspend the Constitution, ″Just This One Time″, and discard the Electoral College and the whole popular vote to stop Trump from becoming president. His plan is for the Texas state legislature to vote and instruct their senators and congressmen to not vote for Trump should he win the state in November. Then, the Congress can pick whomever they want. Hmm, and the Trump Haters claim that Trump is the fascist? Then we have people making lists. Mark and Antonio Wright of the National Review are compiling a enemies list of any politicians, or political writers (such as myself), who supports Donald Trump. So too is Matt Walsh of The Blaze, with folks like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on it. Amanda Carpenter is also putting her own list together, and following suit with the others by having Sarah Palin right on top.

As ′THEY′ say, go ahead and cast whatever dirt you want on me, just spell my name right! I′ve been backing Donald J Trump from the beginning, even back to 2012 when I wrote that I wish he′d run then. Talk about ′McCarthyism′! These so-called ′True Conservatives′ or ′Constitutional Conservatives′ are showing themselves for who they REALLY are! They are the true fascists. They are no better than Barack Obama and the Progressive, Far-Left Socialists whom currently run the Democratic Party. Their lunacy has become quite apparent as has their treason from reason.

Some of the stuff that the Trump Haters have been writing and saying of late just boggles the mind. ″Maybe we shouldn′t hold primaries anymore.″ ″Maybe we shouldn′t have elections anymore.″ ″Bad enough the people elected Obama, now they want to elect Trump.″ The ′just-this-once′ mentality of the Muller article from the Washington Post is the most incriminating. Though I suppose some may consider black lists or enemies lists pretty bad for democracy, too. But seriously, what are they going to do? Will they hold some meeting like Saddam Hussein did when he took over the Baathist Party in Iraq, and call out names of those to be executed? Or will it be another ′Night of the Long Knives′ with folks rounded up or murdered in their homes? Am I being too extreme? How is this any less than suggestions of doing away with elections?

No, this is a sign of sheer panic among the Power Elite. Donald Trump is a threat to them because he cannot be bought. Nor is there anything in some FBI file that could be used against him. Trump may not be pretty but he is a clean slate, an honorable man. A Man of The People! The guy is rich and 69 years old. He doesn′t need the headaches of being a politician. Trump could live a happy life with his hot wife, his loving family and chillin′ out playing golf in his golden years. But instead, Trump has grasped the mantle of patriotism, the sword of justice, and is willing to do battle for us all. The enemies of freedom are now threatening his family, sending mail with white powder to try and scare him off.

Donald Trump has guts! The sort of courage this country has needed for generations. The kind seen on the shores of Normandy Beach, or Iowa Jima. The kind that shivered through the winters at Valley Forge or the sweated during a hot summer at Gettysburg. These fools at National Review, The Blaze and elsewhere are committing acts of treason. They have gone totally insane because their cozy treason is threatened by an honest man. I only wish that when Trump wins in November, he will clean out these nests of vipers. That we finally do have a day of reckoning for criminals like Obama and the Clintons and more. No, I′m not calling for a ′Day of the Rope′ nor a dance with Madame Guillotine. I′ll be perfectly happy with them spending the next 20 years in Danbury Prison learning paper mache.

One thing is certain, Donald Trump will defend the Constitution once elected as President of the United States of America. Once our borders are secure, our trade deals beneficial, and the criminals are behind bars, Trump will exit gracefully like George Washington. He′ll play golf and teach his grandchildren how to succeed in life. Not only will democracy be restored, but so too will be our confidence in government. My days as a cynic will be over, but I′m okay with that! I′m willing to make the sacrifice. Who knows, maybe even my blood pressure will return to normal?