In the past 24-48 hours, the stakes have been raised against the American people. On Thursday, a group of Conservative and Republican swells held a meeting to plot more plans on how to stop Donald J Trump from becoming the GOP presidential nominee. As the primary season enters its second half, Trump is the only Republican candidate with a clear path to winning the nomination. In fact, given the states ahead, if Trump just performs as he has, he should wind up with a solid 30 to 50 delegates extra to spare. Yet, RNC convention rules committee member, Curley Haugland, went on CNBC Wednesday to declare that how ′The People′ vote doesn′t matter at all. Donald Trump responded to such talk about the GOP stealing the nomination from him saying that there might be riots. We may not have to wait for Cleveland this summer for riots as the Bernie Sanders group called DemocracySpring are calling for marches and civil disobedience in Washington DC next month.

DemocracySpring is an alliance of a variety of Far-Left groups, including Code Pink, MoveOn and People for Bernie. They have a website up for recruiting volunteers to march on DC and engage in sit-ins and other demonstrations. Their goal is to have hundreds of protesters arrested every day for the first two weeks of April. The objective of this exercise to to draw attention to their cause of attacking the political establishment. While they may have a few axes to grind against the Democratic Party, which is trying to freeze out Bernie Sanders while coronating Hillary Rodham Clinton, their real target is, as usual, the Republican Party. Mostly to stop Donald Trump but also to win back the Senate fro Democrats.

So between the RNC and the DNC exercising their corporate rights, We The People really do not have much say at all it seems. The very structure of our economic and political system appears to be tilted to favor a small, select minority which make up the ruling or ′donor class′. A small, but tidy slice of the pie is shared with an ′enabler class′ whom are well connected with the well-to-do. Power rolls downhill from the Wealthy to their administrators, such as The Media and political consultants.

One fresh example of this comes in a recent episode of the Showtime political-reality series, ″The Circus″. Mark Halperin of Bloomberg News dines with a group of political consultants at a posh, very private Washington DC restaurant. They share their woes over trying to figure out how to handle the upstart, Donald Trump. These are the folks behind the Super PACs, whom siphon off 15% commissions from the millions of dollars raised for one candidate or cause. What irritates them is that Trump is not hiring them! How can they make any money off of Trump? Obviously, he has to go!

The same is true for the byzantine assortment of Washington think tanks and lobbyists. Their cozy world of profitable relationships with elected politicians and appointed flunkies is threatened by the likes of Donald Trump. What will activist groups do if a Trump administration happens to improve the economy and job market, expand individual freedom and justice, and generally make America, and the world, a happier place? Decades of safe, powerful careers will be like dust in the wind. How will they raise money to pay their large salaries if the world is made better?

Maybe I am being too cynical or even conspiratorial? Perhaps the ′Haves′ do not want the ′Have-Nots′ to be miserable and always in strife with one another in order to maintain power over them? That the wiser and cooler heads of the ′Haves′ have no desire to run our nation or daily lives? Historically, there has always been discontent. Our leaders always arrange for a nice war to distract us and permit us to blow off some steam. In his amazing book, ″How To Make War″, military historian James F. Dunnigan, Jr. crunches the numbers and the Number One reason for all wars in the 20th Century were started by countries with domestic problems, usually economic or political.

The news of Thursday that the hacker group, Anonymous, is now declaring war on Donald Trump because they think he is going to initiate a ′Fourth Reich′ is just plain ridiculous. Some would argue that the Fourth Reich is already here and has been around since LBJ took over after the coup ousting JFK. If anything, Trump is the one man who could liberate us all from the Oligarchs. He′s clearly not in the pockets of the Power Elite. Since Trump is self-funding his campaign, he owes nobody any favors. The Establishment is afraid of Trump because they fear he′s going to run them all out of Washington and hand the nation back to The People.

Will there be riots at the RNC convention in Cleveland this summer. Probably but it will be started and run by the Lefties of DemocracySpring and their allies. The group is already threatening civil unrest in Washington, DC next month. Donald Trump′s observation that his supporters will be quite upset should that faction within the GOP make good on their threat to deny Trump the nomination at any cost is a valid one. When you have members of the RNC Rules Committee, like Churley Haugland, already making public statements alluding to changing the rules just to stop Trump, why is this so far fetched. Will Trump supporters trash streets or loot and burn down buildings? I doubt that. More likely they will not vote in November for anyone and maybe some will realize that it is high time to form a new Third Party or support one of the existing options.

Either way, the rational course of action is for the idiots in the anti-Trump groups to face reality. Kasich and Cruz should drop out now as they have no chance to win the nomination. The Republican Party should unite around Donald Trump and prepare for the fight against Hillary Rodham Clinton. The People have spoken! Trump beat 16 other candidates, most of whom were considered the best the GOP had to offer. They failed and Trump won. To obstruct him now that he has the only clear path to reaching the required 1237 delegates is just plain spite. Trump will not only finish the primary season with the minimum number of delegates needed, he′ll probably have plenty to spare. To deny him the nomination at that point would most certainly make the GOP look more like the Democrats whom can override the popular vote with their super-delegates. As for DemocracySpring, they ought to camp outside Hillary′s headquarters in Brooklyn and demand that she withdraw accepting super-delegates until the convention. Make it a fair race against Bernie Sanders!