Whether yesterday was Super Tuesday 2 or 3 for 2016, the primary election results are in with Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton having very good nights. If the vote counting in Missouri continues to go the way it is, Hillary would have swept all five Democratic Party contests. Likewise, Donald Trump would have won four out of the five state elections, plus the GOP contest in the Northern Marianas Islands. Ohio Governor John Kasih won his home state by 11 points, his first, and probably only, primary win of the campaign season. Marco Rubio was hammered by Trump in Florida, despite a concerted effort by anti-Trump Super PACs. As a result, Rubio has thrown in the towel and has suspended his campaign.

Ted Cruz under-performed everywhere except in Missouri, where he is currently behind Donald Trump by about some 2,000 votes. Twelve of the Show-Me State′s 52 convention delegates will go to the victor, the rest assigned proportionally by congressional district to either Trump or Cruz, as Kasich and Rubio failed to meet minimal thresholds. Even if Cruz manages to squeak out a win in Missouri, the pathway for him to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination is practically impossible. Cruz would need to win over 80% of the remaining delegates let. Trump only needs about 58%, possibly less depending on the Missouri outcome, and the map and schedule favors him.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton won big in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina. Missouri is very close with about a 1,000 votes separating her from Bernie Sanders. Including super-delegates, Hillary is two-thirds of the way to winning the DNC presidential nomination. Again, the map and schedule appear to favor her over Sanders, whom would have to win about 70% of the remaining delegates. The only thing that can possibly stop Hillary Rodham Clinton now is the FBI investigation into her email and Clinton Foundation activities. While her mishandling of classified material by using a private email server may seem to be the primary focus of the investigation, the real stink ball may be potential ′pay-for-play′ charges while acting as Secretary of State to benefit corporate contributors to her family′s charity organization.

But last night, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J Trump were the big winners in the last Super Tuesday primary elections for the month of March. Each out performed expectations and won where they had to. Trump even met the so-called ′Romney Rule′ from the 2012 GOP convention, winning a clear majority of delegates in 8 contests. Technically, if the same rule is applied in Cleveland this summer, Trump is the only Republican candidate who would qualified to be on the ballot at the RNC convention. To date, Ted Cruz has only won 4 contests with clear majorities of delegates.

So this morning is a moment of harsh truth which the GOP must now face. They cannot stop Donald Trump from being the nominee without blowing the GOP apart with a convention floor fight. Kasich and Cruz are delusional if they think they still have a chance. That chance had the door slammed on it last night, if not way back a few weeks ago in South Carolina. Certainly two weeks ago on the first Super Tuesday of March 1. Any talk of starting a Third Party or dragging this out for a contested or open convention is only going to help put a Democrat in the White House. Do we really want to throw away the Supreme Court for the next 25 years because of a few hurt egos? The fate of the nation is now on the line.

The bitter truth is that Donald J Trump is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton. That has been the truth since June 16, 2015. Few people wanted to accept that then. Barack Hussein Obama won in 2008 because John McCain didn′t have the guts to take him on. Mitt Romney also failed for the same reason in 2012. Donald Trump has proven beyond all doubt that he has the guts and the killer instinct to take on Hillary Clinton and clean her clock. He is not going to choke nor waiver nor hold back any needed punch. Everything is fair game to The Donald. Trump will drag Bill and Hillary Clinton through the mud and stomp their faces into it. John Cena couldn′t do it any better!

This is the moment for the GOP to get wise and accept reality. Yeah, we may wind up with Gary Busey as the Secretary for the Department of Education, but at least we know Gary can spell. Plus, Gary will be popular as he will be starring in the next SyFy Channel pop-culture mega-hit, ″Sharknado 4″! That is what it takes to win a general election in America these days, folks! A well-balanced mix of campy-pop and WWE Smackdown. I′m ready for a Trump-Cena ticket. Some may say its utter madness, but it′ll get more hits than a Kim Kardashian selfie. Crank up some ″Centipede″ by the band, Knife Party! Maybe ″Hold Back The Night″ by the Protomen, too! It′s to ′OBEY′ and vote for Trump!