Alicia Witt got herself a nice cameo appearance on the AMC hit TV series, ′The Walking Dead′ in last night′s episode. She played Paula, a leader of a group of The Saviors whom captured Carol and Maggie, played by Melissa McBride and Lauren Cohen. We learned of their capture at the end of last week′s episode, ″Not Tomorrow Yet″, after Rick and his group attacked a stronghold of The Saviors as part of a deal for food from another group who live at the Hilltop Settlement. But, not all The Saviors were killed, and in this week′s episode, ″The Same Boat″, we gain further insight into the blurred lines of morality our heroes face in the Zombie Apocalypse.

To set the stage, allow me to recap the highlights from the last two episodes. Rick and Daryl meet up with a fellow survivor named Jesus who lives at the Hilltop. They bring Jesus back to Alexandria and learn about the Hilltop group and are offered an opportunity for trade. Rick, Maggie and others visit the Hilltop, a sort of ′living museum′ site before the apocalypse where survivors are raising crops and livestock. Maggie attempts to negotiate a trade for food with the leader of the Hilltop, Gregory, but he′s an ass! He seems more interested in Maggie than any exchange of goods.

But life at the Hilltop is not so idyllic. They are under the boot heel of The Saviors and make regular payments of food as tribute in exchange for not being attacked. Gregory is nearly killed by one of his own after the latest payment was considered short and The Saviors demanded Gregory′s head in exchange for a hostage. Rick tells Jesus they have had a run-in with The Saviors before and have no problem with conflict. So Maggie arranges a trade with a belittled Gregory. Food for freedom.

Back at Alexandria, the idea of going to war against The Saviors has the whole community unnerved. But after being ravaged by The Wolves, most understand that it is better to fight now than later. Rick and his group attack The Saviors, murdering most of them in their sleep. They capture one Savior named Primo alive as he tried to escape on Daryl′s motorcycle which had been stolen several episodes ago. Before Rick could execute him, a radio crackles and a voice demands Rick and his team to stand down or Carol and Maggie will be killed.

They were captured by a patrol of Saviors while guarding their vehicles. Carol shot the only man in the patrol in his arm. Before revenge could be taken, the patrol′s leader, Paula, decides to use them as hostages to exit the scene for safety. They drive to a safe house which turns out be be some type of meat processing plant, much like Terminus. Things do not go well for Maggie and Carol. They are bound and gagged as the Saviors wait for help to arrive. Carol pretends, we think, to play the role of the helpless female. Paula and the other Saviors scoff at her for being so weak and naïve at this point in the apocalypse.

Maggie is taken to another room to be interrogated by a Savior woman named ′Chelle after they learn that Maggie is pregnant. ′Chelle seems to have some vestiges of humanity left in her. She was punished for stealing gasoline to look for her father by the Saviors whom cut off her right pinky finger. Meanwhile, Paula chides Carol by telling her story of how she killed her former employer when the apocalypse began. Paula went from being a submissive secretary to cold-blooded killer right away.

Fans of the show quickly realize that in many ways, Paula and Carol are birds of a feather. Carol seems to realize this, too, and does not appear to be happy about it. Prior to the raid on the Savior stronghold, Carol was already having pangs of self-doubt as she reviewed a notebook she keeps to record her non-Walker kills, 18 in all. Paula tells her that once she reached double digits, she stopped counting.

The radio crackles again and this time its Rick calling Paula. He still wants to trade Primo for Carol and Maggie. Paula feeds him a plan to meet at some remote field, then contacts her fellow Saviors to learn how far away they are. Its time to get going. Carol and Maggie are left alone in their rooms as their captors prepare to leave. Carol manages to free herself first and finds Maggie. Together, they team up and take out one of their captors, obtaining a pistol and a knife. Carol wants to bug out but Maggie wants to stay and kill the rest. She want to end this thing now!

Fighting both zombies and their captors, Carol and Maggie succeed. Paula is the last to die, getting herself impaled on a spike she now shares with a Walker, who eats her pretty face. But Maggie still does not want to go. The other Saviors are coming and Maggie wants to ambush them, too! The relief gets lured into a room which our heroines have prepped with gasoline. They slam the door on the Saviors after tossing in a lit cigarette. Smoking was certainly bad for their health as the gasoline explodes, burning them all to a crisp!

Finally, Rick, Daryl, Glenn and the rest arrive. Learning that all of the Saviors call themselves ′Negan′, Rick shoots him. Maggie is safe but tells Glenn ″no more″. She has had enough of violence. Daryl embraces Carol who is also very shaken. Has her days as Queen of the Zombie Apocalypse come to an end? Will Carol just go on baking pink cookies with canned beets and ground acorns? Or will she rebound when needed and be Killer Carol ever again?