The German states voted yesterday, electing new members of Parliament from the ′upstart′ AfD Party. Alternative for Germany opposes Angela Merkel′s position on immigration. Her refugee policy has come under increasing attack as an increase of violence by refugees from Syria and North Africa rises. The refugee crisis is rapidly overwhelming Europe. This past week, police chiefs in Sweden warned women not the venture out at night as they may be assaulted. Rapes by Muslim immigrants has risen sharply, most notably during the New Years Eve celebrations in many European cities. Some nations are beginning to fight back. In France, a refugee tent-city was cleared out by police. Now, in Germany, the new AfD Party has won victories at the ballot box to overturn Angela Merkel′s open-door policy to Muslim immigrants.

The situation in Europe is getting worse and Barack Obama is itching to bring this sort of chaos here to America. Muslim clerics and leaders are openly talking about how they are using the refugee crisis to invade Europe and flood it with Muslims. The Islamic State has stated that they are using the waves of immigrants from Syria and North Africa to sneak in their terrorists. With Obama promising to bring more here to the United States, most of whom cannot be adequately vetted due to a lack of information, there is little doubt that many terrorists, as well as ′garden-variety criminals′, like rapists and robbers, will enter our nation.

In Europe, women face many threats by this wave of Muslim refugees. In an environment where political correctness and multicultural diversity is required by law, women find themselves as victims of not only Muslim rapists, but also by their own courts and judicial system. Even the education system is against them as we learned last week of some new German textbook that features illustrations of brown and black men having sex with white women. The message cannot be clearer. As far as the Angela Merkel government is concerned, the Muslim rapists may have their way with whomever they wish.

These are sad, dark times for Europe. Whether new political groups like the AfD can save Europe in time is doubtful. It may already be too late barring some drastic changes. But the warning signs may still have an effect here in America. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will throw open our borders even more so than Barack Hussein Obama. Even candidates like John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz either support amnesty now or have done so in the recent past. Donald J Trump is the only presidential candidate with a clear message and policy to end not only illegal immigration but to stop the flow of immigrants and refugees whom may be dangerous for America′s future.