More evidence has emerged as to whom is responsible for recent violence on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. Much of the blame falls squarely on Bernie Sanders. Along with groups like Black Lives Matter and, the Bernie People are clearly responsible for the violence which has occurred at Donald Trump rallies in Dayton, Kansas City, Chicago, New Orleans and in North Carolina. During a campaign stop outside of Dayton, Ohio, yesterday, one protestor attempted to storm the stage while Trump was speaking. Fortunately, the Secret Service stopped the cretin cold. Hillary Clinton once falsely accused Trump of how he was being used in videos by the Islamic State. But, as it turns out, ISIS has used video of the Dayton protestor trampling upon an American flag. How about them apples?

Bernie Sanders is a self-described ″Socialist-Democrat″. If he were truly honest, Sanders may as well just confess that he is a raging Communist. After several disruptions last night in Kansas City, Donald Trump chided Sanders and ′The Bernie People′ for their violent, disruptive behavior. Trump is now threatening to file criminal charges against future protestors. Perhaps he should also consider lawsuits against Sanders and, too? Is it high time that MoveOn be challenged on their non-profit status from the IRS? Perhaps even listed as a domestic terrorist group?

Maybe not quite yet, but if things continue to escalate, you can certainly bet that the Secret Service is going to act accordingly. Those guys don′t mess around. Maybe a few on the Obama detail might given the disdain Obama has for his protection. Barry needs a little privacy so he can hit the pipe or a closet on the down-low. But Donald J Trump has actual respect for law enforcement and the difficult job they undertake on a daily basis. Trump praised his Secret Service detail several times during his various campaign stops, as well as the local police departments. Unlike Obama, Trump does not want to live under the chaos of anarchy.

As more information emerges on the organization and planning behind these anti-Trump protestors, it becomes more clear that Trump supporters are only acting in self-defense when these outbursts occur. Many in the Media have been attempting to paint Trump′s supporters as hick-thugs. Yet, we saw very vividly in New Orleans last week that the protestors are the ones throwing the first punches and antagonizing the audiences. Some Media types point to the recent allegations by Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields about how she was ′man-handled′ and knocked down by a member of Trump′s campaign staff. Keep in mind that some witnesses say it was a Secret Service agent who may have had contact with her. We should also recall that during the Occupy Wall Street protests, Fields also charged that she had been knocked down by a protester when actually she just merely tripped. Makes one wonder, doesn′t it?

The Bernie People are definitely getting out of hand. I suppose it is hard to blame them seeing as how their candidate is being robbed of any real hope of winning the Democratic Party presidential nomination due to undemocratic rules and processes. Sanders never had a chance from Day One. The DNC rigged their nomination process to guarantee Hillary Clinton the honor. You would think that the Bernie People would exercise their angst against Hillary and the DNC instead of Trump? Especially since Bernie and Trump are the only two, genuine anti-Establishment candidates. They even agree on some issues like unfair trade practices and how corrupt the political system has become due to lobbyists and PACs.

My advice to the Bernie People is to cool it! First, Donald Trump is actually your friend. If he is elected, which is far more likely than Sanders getting the nod, Trump will clean up many of the same ills in Washington that the Bernie People despise. Secondly, it isn′t working and if anything, you are only making Trump more popular. The Bernie People should understand the politics of victimization. You guys are making Trump a victim to the degree that some anti-Trump folks in the GOP are becoming sympathetic to Trump over your assaulting his freedom of speech. Thirdly, violent, noisy protests only serve to strengthen The Establishment and the Rule of Law. Peaceful, non-violent resistance has proven time and time again to be the more effective means of protest. What the Bernie People are doing now at Donald Trump rallies is losing whatever moral high-ground they may have had. The path you are on didn′t work in Wisconsin and only made Scott Walker look better. The Bernie People are making the same mistake against Trump.