The Donald Trump rally in Chicago last night was canceled and postponed due to an attack by Cultural Marxist groups. Some 25,000 pro-Trump supporters had gathered at a venue at the University of Chicago to hear presidential candidate Donald J Trump. But outside, some 10,000 protestors had shown up, most of whom held a demonstration across the street. Dozens, if not hundreds, of protestors managed to sneak into the Trump rally and began disrupting the rally long before Trump arrived. According to Chicago Police officials, one pro-amnesty Latino group had camped outside the venue the day before in preparation. Other Far-Left groups joined them throughout Friday as social media was used to coordinate demonstrations. About 90 minutes before Donald Trump was to appear, he was consulted with by local and state law enforcement officials on the growing situation. The Trump campaign decided to cancel the rally and postpone it for another date for security reasons. Rumors of threats to storm the stage and other possible acts prompted this decision.

As those whom have already arrived to hear Trump speak were told that the rally was being canceled for another future date, the violence began. Trump supporters were upset and disappointed while the Cultural Marxists cheered in celebration. Things got very ugly, very quickly. Numerous scuffles broke out as the two opposing forces clashed. Police intervened as much as possible but dozens of people were injured, several, including one police officer, requiring hospitalization. At least five arrests were made by police. Eventually, the venue was cleared and no further incidents occurred outside where police had a firm control.

Many media pundits, including other presidential candidates, are blaming Donald Trump for the mayhem. They say he is inciting violence with his strong rhetoric. But that simply does not hold up to the facts in evidence. A number of Far-Left groups, including Black Lives Matter, and LaRazza, were actively involved in the protests. The Trump supporters did not start the violence, the so-called activists did. Even former Weatherman and neighbor of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, had a hand in the mayhem. This was another sign of how Cultural Marxists are attempting to ′transform America′ through violence.

We have seen this developing for many years. In the ′old days′, prominent public figures were attacked at speaking engagements with cream pies. On college campuses, speakers like Ann Coulter were heckled and routed off stage as the Far Left grew bolder in their assault on Free Speech. But it was after the Ferguson riots that Cultural Marxism got a green light from the White House and Barack Hussein Obama to cause havoc wherever and whenever they choose to. The Obama Justice Department targeted police departments, not violent radicals, as criminals. In the past two years, the Marxists have been empowered to spread their brand of mayhem.

What is Cultural Marxism, you ask? I′ve mentioned this before and it bares repeating. Classical Marxism divides society into two, basic groups of people, The Haves and The Have-Nots. Rich versus Poor. This sort of class warfare worked very well in the early days of Socialism during an era of nations were run by monarchs, aristocrats and ′robber-baron′ industrialists. But after the early revolutions, such as in Russia, it became apparent that Classical Marxism, dividing along purely economic and political lines, was inadequate.

In the 1950s, Cultural Marxism began to emerge. The primary differences between Classical and Cultural Marxism are the number and types of divisions in society, as well as duration of ′The Struggle′. After the Russian Revolution, the enemies of Classical Marxism were eliminated, yet the problems facing society still existed. The Masses were still poor, still over worked and under fed. People lost faith in their leaders whom had to rely on greater tyranny to maintain control.

With Cultural Marxism, society is divided on nearly every level. By gender, by age, by ethnicity, by race, by religion, by education, etc. Even when one group improves and benefits from political progress, other groups are still lacking. So there is an endless stream of victims, of oppressors, of enemies and causes to protest for and against. The duration of this type of revolution is literally infinite. There is continuous conflict and strife enabling the new Power Elite to use tyranny to maintain security.

Saul Alinsky, who inspired the likes of Bill Ayers, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and most of the Far Left, was a major promoter of Cultural Marxism. This is where guys like Rahm Emanuel, former Obama adviser and current Mayor of Chicago, practiced the Alinsky method of taking advantage of any type of crisis to further the government′s power. Don′t let a crisis go to waste! But, there is one major drawback with Cultural Marxism. Since everyone is always a potential enemy, sooner or later, groups normally allied under Classical Marxism will eventually conflict with each other. This is why we saw last year in Seattle members of Black Lives Matter run Bernie Sanders off his stage and accuse his audience, all Far-Left Liberals, of being racists. This is why there is no progress with the Progressive Movement. At some point, some allied group will turn on the others and even those who pull the strings on many of the groups have no real security.

The protesters whom disrupted the Donald Trump rally in Chicago yesterday were a Hodge-podge of several Far-Left groups. They included paid, professional protesters, trained in tactics, such as linking arms to make being arrested more difficult. We have seen these folks since the Occupy Wall Street days. So Donald Trump did not incite the violence that took place at the University of Chicago last night. Trump′s strong-man rhetoric had nothing to do with it. These protesters were bound to attack somebody, sooner or later. That is the whole point behind Cultural Marxism, to have endless conflict. Trump is an easy target as he has the largest crowds and screening audiences at his rallies is more difficult. But if Donald Trump were not the GOP frontrunner, the same groups would have launched aggressive protests against somebody else. This was bound to happen. The big question now is, how to counter their tactics next time? This may be a ′two-pipe′ problem, but I have the right stuff to smoke in seeking a solution.