Last night was the 12th 2016 GOP presidential debate, aired by CNN from some auditorium at the University of Miami, Florida. Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Hugh Hewitt and some other wang questioned Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. Unlike the previous debates, especially last week′s, the Showdown in Motown, this one was fairly mild mannered. Donald J. Trump wore the velvet glove and the rest of the pack behaved themselves. Even the Media bozos asked more real questions than usual. Overall, very little new information was revealed and the effect on next Tuesday′s primaries will probably be minimal. But the big news today is Dr. Ben Carson endorsing Donald Trump for president! Trump will also be endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum, the first, major Conservative activist group. Schlafly will make her endorsement at a rally in St. Louis today.

If you wanted to hear about policies and not about anatomy, then you won last night! As for the candidates, I would say Trump won the most by demonstrating that he can be presidential as well as his calls for party unity. Rubio and Kasich had the most to lose and probably did. Rubio still came off as just not ready for prime time. Kasich reminded me of one of those ′Hello Ma′ types who stands behind TV reporters doing live shots on location. If you believe Kasich, he is responsible for every piece of foreign and domestic policy of the 1990s! Cruz continued to lie, even claiming that he has beaten Trump nine times. I guess Teddy is counting Rubio′s two minor victories for himself.

While I am on the subject of Ted Cruz, yesterday he caused a ruckus during an interview on CBN. Seems that Cruz thinks all 4.5 million people whom have cast votes for Donald Trump are stupid. Now there is a way to endear himself for party unity! Sorry Ted, but just waiving about a Bible and a copy of the Constitution is not going to win you the White House. The Daily Caller also published a piece confirming what I and many others have been saying all along that Cruz is deeply entrenched in the so-called GOP Establishment. He and his wife, Heidi were practically married by the Bush family with Goldman Sachs as their Best Man and the Council of Foreign Relations as Maid of Honor.

Donald Trump did get some heat for recent comments about ″Islam hates America″ and for an incident at a rally in North Carolina. A 79-year old White man allegedly threw an elbow at a Black protestor as a group of protestors were being escorted out by law enforcement. This, along with other critics attacking Trump about gestures and oaths during rallies were all designed to make Trump look bad. But Donald Trump didn′t take the bait and disavowed any blame for people who have already been angry about things for decades before. Trump may have to take some action over another incident involving one of his top campaign officials whom allegedly may have roughed up a reporter. We′ll watch and see how that unfolds. I don′t recall as much attention in the Media when the Hillary Clinton campaign was corralling the press and also allegedly pushed some reporters around. Oh well, there always has to be something to complain about. Maybe somebody didn′t get a bottle of Trump Wine or some Trump Steaks at the last press conference?

Word is that the Trump campaign has had enough of these debates. Will yesterday′s be the last one? Hopefully, so! We′re not learning anything new. Besides, this is now endorsement season. This is expected as the number of candidates dwindles. Despite Marco Rubio and John Kasich, the race for the GOP presidential nomination has boiled down to a two-man event between Trump and Cruz. Or, if there is a third, its Trump, Cruz or an Establishment candidate to be named later during a convention floor fight. I haven′t seen anything yet about how those private meetings went yesterday between Jeb Bush and the non-Trump candidates. When word leaks out about that, which I expect eventually will, I think some of the ′NeverTrump′ crowd may find themselves rather embarrassed. Ted Cruz should feel embarrassed now that ″low information″ Phyllis Schlafly has endorsed Trump.

So that is where we stand this weekend before Titanic Tuesday. Early reports of voting trends in Florida, a winner-take-all state along with Ohio, shows Donald Trump blowing away Marco Rubio. During last night′s Republican debate, Trump again talked about how his campaign is expanding the GOP voter base. News stories of large numbers of Democrats switching parties to vote for Trump in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri seem to be confirming this. Trump won a decisive victory in Michigan, which is very similar to the demographics of those states, as well as North Carolina and Florida. One thing is certain, after Tuesday, we will have a clearer picture of how this campaign is shaping out.