Little Marco Rubio has a problem. His 2016 presidential campaign is crashing! Yesterday, Florida′s ′No-Show′ senator held a rally at a football stadium in Hialeah, Florida, near his alleged home town. Hardly anyone showed up! Hialeah is one of the largest cities in Florida with the largest Cuban-American community in the country. The Rubio campaign claims that some 200 people showed up at the 5pm rally, with the crowd extending out to the football field′s 20-yard line. But, photographs show that the rally barely filled the end zone! Meanwhile, a series of three new state-wide polls show that Billionaire businessman, Donald J. Trump, is way ahead of the second-place Rubio by at least 15-20 points. One poll shows Trump with double the numbers. Ted Cruz is now campaigning hard in Florida, smelling blood in the water. Is this Rubio′s final swan song?


Rumors are circulating that Rubio′s campaign is low on cash. They will be relying on other candidates and groups to air TV ads attacking Donald Trump. The Florida primary next Tuesday is a winner-take-all contest with 99 delegates up for grabs. Rubio, himself, has recently said that whoever wins Florida will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. But, it seems that prediction does not apply to Trump. After this past weekend′s gathering at a posh resort at Sea Island, Georgia, the anti-Trump forces are marshaling to stop The Donald at all costs. Even if it means allowing Hillary Clinton to win the White House.

This past weekend, the recently formed Super-PAC, Our Principles PAC, spent some $30 Million dollars in attack ads against Donald Trump. While many were aired in Florida and Ohio, the two winner-take-all states in next week′s primaries, ads were also run, to no effect, in Michigan and other states which held primaries earlier this week. This runs contrary to a statement by Dana PeRINO of the Fox News Channel yesterday. During the Wednesday edition of ″The Five″, Perino claimed that Our Principles PAC only ran their ads in Idaho, which Ted Cruz won. Either Dana the RINO is lying, ignorant, naive,or just plain stupid!

As many of my regular readers know, I live in Michigan and I watch a lot of television. As a handicapped shut-in, there is not much else for em to do. I saw plenty of ads attacking Donald Trump by Our Principles PAC. I also saw plenty of attack ads by the Cruz and Rubio campaigns against Trump. Kasich ran many ads as well but they were mostly about himself. From last week Thursday through Tuesday, when Michigan held its primary, I saw a grand total of one, count′em, ONE, TV ad by and for Donald J Trump. Compare that to seeing at least 6-7 ads daily just from Our Principles PAC. Mind you, I DVR many TV shows and blow through the commercials on Fast-Forward. So there may have been even more.

That Dana Perino would lie about this does not surprise me. She has been anti-Trump from Day One. She even had some on-air skirmishes with fellow ′Five′ host, Eric Bolling. Maybe she didn′t lie, perhaps she just believes what her masters are telling her to say. Either way, it stinks and she stinks along with it! That goes double for Greg Gutfeld, too!

The sheer venom being spewed by the anti-Trump forces is quite remarkable. They are running scared! Not only did they underestimate Donald Trump, they completely misunderstood what has been brewing across America. An utter contempt for the Washington Establishment. Just look at the exit polls from Tuesday′s Michigan GOP primary. Trump won the state easily and the data explains why. Most of those who voted in the Republican Party primary want an outsider from Washington. They feel betrayed by the national, GOP leadership. They are angry and dissatisfied with the way our government is functioning. They are worried about the state of our economy. They generally believe that existing international trade deals have cost America jobs. Exit poll data for the Democratic Party primary in Michigan, where Bernie Sanders won a surprise, upset victory over Hillary Clinton, echo some of the same points.

Little Marco Rubio has just never really caught on. His campaign message was weak and over-crafted. Once thought of as the future of the Republican Party and an early favorite of the Tea Party movement, Rubio has turned out to be the culmination of everything that is wrong with Washington. All in one, tiny, small package. Like Barack Obama, Rubio was a ′Golden Boy; who moved up the political ladder too quickly. He lacks substance and a record of accomplishment. When Little Marco speaks, he seems to say what he thinks we want to hear. Rubio is a phony who seems to have been running for president since he first ran for the Florida legislature.

Reports are that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich will each be meeting privately with Jeb Bush today. Whoever thinks that is a good idea is as dumb as Dana Perino! Like Jeb Bush is going to save the day and help them defeat Donald Trump? Some believe that Bush will try to convince Rubio to bail out of the campaign now, before Tuesday′s primary in Florida. To throw his endorsement, and delegates won, to Cruz or Kasich. We have seen so far that endorsements have had no real effect. This election cycle, they are worthless, even detrimental. The kiss of death! Maybe Jeb Bush is just looking to unload some left over guac bowls? He probably has dozens of cases of them in his garage. Maybe more than even Mitt Romney′s garage with an elevator could hold? Whatever the reason, Jeb Bush is the last person on Earth anyone who wants to beat Donald Trump should be talking with. Even Jeb′s brother and mommy could help him!

Speaking of needing help, Henry Barbour could use some. The son of Mississippi′s Haley Barbour is working for Marco Rubio′s campaign. Henry was among those GOP Insiders who did the ′autopsy′ on the 2012 election. The conclusion of which was that the GOP needed a better outreach for Hispanic voters, therefore, a pro-amnesty solution to immigration. I watched Barbour on one of the morning shows today try to spin the tiny turn out at the Rubio rally in Hialeah. Henry needs to go back to his day job as a lobbyist. I′ve seen deer in the headlights with more going on upstairs than him!

Overall, the Little Marco Rubio campaign is sinking fast. The no-show senator had a very tiny turn out at a campaign rally in Hialeah, Florida yesterday. Barely 200 people showed up, hardly filling the football stadium′s end zone on one side of the field. Not a good sign as Hialeah is one of the state′s larger cities with a huge Cuban-American population. Rubio trails Donald J Trump in every poll, most by double digits and one new poll has Trump with double the numbers of Little Marco. The pressure is mounting for Rubio to exit the 2016 GOP presidential campaign before next week′s primary on Tuesday. If he loses his home state of Florida to Trump, Rubio′s political career may be over. The winner-take-all contest is a make-or-break moment for him.