Kyle Odom was arrested outside the White House two days after being named a suspect in the attempted murder of a pastor in Idaho. Tim Remington was allegedly ambushed by Odom after the pastor held a prayer service for GOP presidential, the liar Ted Cruz. Authorities in Coeur d′Alene, Idaho put out an all-points-bulletin for Odom on Sunday. Remington survived the gunshot. Odom turned up in Washington DC to deliver a 21-page manifesto to Barack Obama warning of ″hyper-sexual Martians″ and a plot to murder some 50 US Congressmen. Odom was apprehended by the Secret Service whom later discovered that the former Marine was being sought for the shooting in Idaho.

The 30-year old Odom was apparently unnerved by excessive stress while studying biochemistry after serving in the US Marine Corps. In his manifesto, he claims that he found relief through meditation, but then had an astral experience out of his body in February of 2014. During which, he became ′aware′ of an alien conspiracy to enslave humanity. Oh No! Somebody better call Agents Mulder and Scully! Or maybe Agents Miller and Einstein? Maybe all four of them!

After graduation, Odom was offered a doctoral course at Baylor College in Houston to earn a PhD in human genetics. But he left after a short while, citing in his manifesto that his classmates were aliens egging him on to do a mass shooting at the school. Odom also claimed that the courses in genetics were ″too easy″ after his expanded consciousness. He wrote, ″This is where the story gets weird.″ Oh really? Just now?

Odom says that he began hearing messages in his head, obviously alien telepathy, and began seeing hidden messages in news headlines. At first, he thought that certain government agencies were using this method to contact him. Then, Odom realized that the messages were from the aliens. These aliens resembled giant green frogs according to Odom. When he refused to cooperate with them, the aliens threatened himself and his family. About the same time period, Odom also began having contact with Pastor Remington. Odom believed that the Bible verses suggested to him by Remington were also part of some system of messages, causing him to have strange sexual desires and thoughts. Haven′t we all had strange, sexual thoughts caused by Bible verses?

At one point, Odom contemplated suicide, but the aliens convinced him to check into a VA hospital. Not long after that he went back to the Altar Church and Pastor Remington. In August of 2015, Odom then discovered that Remington was one of the frog aliens. Odom believed that Remington was using his church to turn him and others into sex slaves. Odom also believed that the frog aliens were using Barack Obama. Kyle Odom compiled a list of members of the House and Senate whom he believed were ″suspected Martians″. This was part of his message to Obama in hopes of saving Obama from the clutches of the aliens. Also on the list were a number of Israeli politicians. You just knew that the Jews were going to be involved at some point!

So there it is! Another nut job is off the streets. Kyle Odom was arrested by the Secret Service after attempting to contact Barack Obama and warn him about hypersexual Martians. Odom will also be facing charges of attempting to murder Idaho Pastor Tim Remington after allegedly shooting him some 12 times. The 30-year old ex-Marine has been very troubled for the past two years, believing in an alien conspiracy. This whole affair reminds me of the series of short stories by Kurt Saxon, featuring a character known as Clarence who thought the movie ″Invaders from Mars″ was real. In those short stories, Clarence is released from a mental institute due to a bureaucratic error and goes off on a killing spree, ridding the Earth of hundreds of Martians. In the stories, Clarence is very clever and resourceful, arming himself well with improvised weaponry he acquires with his monthly SSI checks. He eventually returns to the asylum with no one the wiser.