Billionaire businessman Donald J Trump was three for four last night winning the 2016 Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii primary contests. The liar Ted Cruz won Idaho, as I predicted. The worn-out, feeble John Kasich finished second in Michigan and actually won some delegates for a change. Meanwhile, little Marco Rubio won NOTHING! No states, no delegates! Well, that may not be true. As usual, all three cable news networks have different delegate counts. I think CNN is claiming that Rubio may have won one or two delegates, probably from the caucus in Hawaii. Still, overall it was a bad night for Little Marco, whom may have been the target of another alleged dirty trick by the Ted Cruz campaign.

Apparently, some alleged insider in the Rubio campaign told a CNN reporter that Rubio was considering dropping out of the race before next week′s primary in Florida. This was then immediately picked up by some enthusiastic, unauthorized Cruz supporter in Hawaii who blitzed out a mass emailing, repeating the unconfirmed story. Or is it unconfirmed? On MSNBC this morning, they also are saying that many of Rubio′s inner circle are advising him to drop out now before being embarrassed next week. A new batch of polls show Donald Trump still in the lead in Florida, despite some $30 Million dollars worth of attack ads being aired on TV. Many believe that if Rubio loses his home state to Trump, Little Marco′s political career will be completely ruined. He may not even be able to mount a run for governor in 2018. The Cruz campaign denies any involvement and the Rubio campaign denies that there is any talk of dropping out.

Other drama last night came during Donald Trump′s victory speech/press conference. Some say it resembled a QVC infomercial as tables flanked Trump loaded with Trump Ice bottled water, Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, and copies of Trump Magazine. If Donald Trump wants to make some inroads in winning the female vote, next time he should include Melania′s line of jewelry along with Ivanka′s line of shoes, perfumes and other fashion accessories. I′m sure many women would like some Trump Wine or Trump Steaks. Dana Bash of CNN said last night that she wanted some Trump ′Meat′. She better get in line because I think Mika Brzezinski is also interested in some Trump Meat!

The good news is that I haven′t died yet despite all of the political drama. Shortly after Mitt Romney went Benedict Arnold, Nurse Jeff recorded by blood pressure at 168/114, pretty much in the stroke-danger zone. All weekend long I had chest pains and my head felt like it was going to explode. But on Monday, my new prescription for 10milligrams of Lisinopril arrived and that stuff really took the edge off. But, victory is the best medicine, and Donald J Trump delivered plenty last night. So I′m feeling A-OKAY!!!

Oh, the Democratic Party had two primaries yesterday. Hillary Clinton won in Mississippi by a very large margin, about 4-to-1. Bernie Sanders scored an upset victory in Michigan, squeaking past Hilldog 50-49. He had been trailing her by as much as 25 points just a few weeks ago and by still a dozen or so points as late as Monday. But voter turn out, as usual, was very low for the Democrats, down about 50%. Voter turn out for the GOP in Michigan, and elsewhere, was at record numbers, typically 50-70%. Where did all those Democrats go? You figure it out! Karl Rove is certainly scratching his empty head!

Speaking of Mr. Rove, he was among many GOP leaders, consultants, Neo-Cons, Internet Millionaires and Billionaires who gathered at the luxury resorts on Sea Island, Georgia last weekend. Rove, according to the Huffington Post, laid out his scheme for defeating Donald Trump and stealing the GOP presidential nomination. Given how this bunch spent some $30 Million last week and still failed to slow Trump down last night, you gotta ask why bother? Word is they′ll spend another $40 Million this week! Conventional political advertising just simply is not working anymore. Trump does more with his free Twitter account at 3am than these bozos are doing with their mega-buck, prime-time ad buys. Don Draper must be rolling in his grave!

So that is how the 2016 Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho primary contests, and the caucus in Hawaii played out yesterday. Donald J Trump took 3 out of four and wiped out any delegate gains made by the liar Ted Cruz over the weekend. Little Marco Rubio failed to win anything, possibly even any delegates. This sets the stage for the big Titanic Tuesday primaries next week where we begin to have winner-take-all states up for grabs. If Trump wins Florida from No-Show Rubio, and Ohio from John Kasich, and the other three states on the menu, then Trump will be on a glide path to winning the GOP presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders scored an upset victory over Hillary Clinton in Michigan while she easily won Mississippi. But, the super-delegate count for Hilldog is still nearly impossible for Sanders to overcome. So get ready for March 15, the Ides of March should prove interesting.