First, let me declare that the following is not the official policy, position nor opinion of, its owners or holding companies. Nor is it the position, opinions, etc, of any of my family, friends, or associates. What you are about to read is purely my own, personal opinion.

That being said, today is election day in the Great Lake State of Michigan, where I reside. I have cast my ballot in the Republican presidential primary and businessman Donald J. Trump has won my vote! Actually, he got my vote about three weeks ago when I mailed in my absentee ballot. Being permanently disabled, my physical handicap makes voting at a precinct facility extremely difficult, not to mention expensive and a major, logistical undertaking. Since I do not feel like hiring an ambulance or assistance to wheel me into a voting booth, mailing in an absentee ballot is a wonderful option. So why did I vote for Donald J. Trump to be our next president of the United States of America?

Simple. I want to do my part to ′Make America Great Again′! Yep, #MAGA! Donald Trump is not perfect. Nobody running is. If we are to be honest, nobody is perfect for any job when you get right down to it. But some people are blessed with talent. Trump is blessed with leadership and vision. That is how he made his fortune! He saw a rundown piece of real estate, owned by the Penn Central Railroad, which wasn′t doing them any good, and Trump convinced them to sell it to him and he developed it. Donald Trump has done a few other deals before buying the Penn Central Rail Yards on Manhattan′s West Side, but that deal was what turned Trump into a ′Player′. A land baron. A genius tycoon.

Donald Trump had the vision and the drive to put the deal together and execute it. The undertaking was not easy given the political and financial bureaucracies of Manhattan and New York City in general. But Trump overcame and succeeded. He posses the vision and leadership skill sets to pull it off. His success drove him to try even bigger projects. Many succeeded, some failed. But even in failure, Trump demonstrated that he has the tenacity and stamina to pick himself up, dust himself off, and start all over again.

America is facing multiple crises. Our economy is somewhere between a house of cards and a joke. A very bad joke! We face a variety of domestic issues, such as a crumbling infrastructure that has been poorly maintained over the past 60 years or more. Take the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Why are there still lead pipes anywhere in America? This is the 21st Century! Growing up as a kid in the 1960s, I have fond memories of seeing images of cities of the future. Glistening, artistic structures of glass and steel. Monorails and automated highways. Flying cars and hotels on the Moon. What ever happened to that dream? Why did that vision of the future, which should be today, never unfolded?

I am sure many people have seen the ′chain-email′ which shows side-by-side photos of Detroit, Michigan and Hiroshima, Japan. Hiroshima was all but wiped out at the end of World War Two by the first atomic bomb used in war against an enemy. At the same time, Detroit was the world′s ′Arsenal of Democracy′. One of the richest cities in the world, let alone America. Detroit had the first air-conditioned department store on the planet! Even in the 1960s in New York City, air conditioning was frowned upon by most people. Maybe on a hot summer night you might cool off at a movie theater, but to have an A/C unit in your home or apartment was considered a pointless luxury.

Today, Hiroshima resembles more of those futuristic cities I would see in books and movies while Detroit has become a land of desolation. Some will say that we can blame Liberal-Socialist politicians for the problems Detroit faces. In some respects, they are correct. But make no mistake, the Japanese nor those in charge of Hiroshima are not paragons of Capitalism or Conservatism. They are as Liberal and as Socialistic as they come! Yet, they have managed to do a somewhat better job at maintaining and even improving their essential infrastructure.

If you are a fan of infrastructure, if you think that we need to upgrade our water, energy and transportation systems, then Donald J. Trump is the one person running who can fix the problem. Just think how pleasant our nation would be if every building, every bus, every train, were built to the standards of Trump Towers? We would have a literally idyllic nation. A nation to be proud of. A nation we would be happy with. A nation where we could live and raise children in that was clean, efficient and safe. A nation that would be beautiful.

Donald Trump has already promised us that the wall he will build across our southern border with Mexico will be a ″beautiful wall″. I have no doubt it will be! I have no doubt that Trump has probably already been doodling ′The Wall′ on the back of envelops or on napkins. What it will look like. When he is elected, he′ll hire the best team of architects he can muster and hand them his collection of envelops and napkins and say, ″Build this!″ ″Give me a plan and a budget!″ Make no mistake, it will be a beautiful wall. A happy wall. A friendly wall. Five or so years from now, some teenager in Mexico will see The Wall for the first time and say, ″WOW!″ He or she will think that Disneyland must be on the other side. He or she will be determined to cross The Wall, legally, because he or she will want to live in Disneyland. Disneyland was Walt Disney′s vision of America, and its still a mighty popular vision after more than 50 years. It has stood the test of time.

Donald Trump is a builder. As president, he will be America′s pharaoh. We will have construction projects unlike anything seen before. Even more so than under FDR or Eisenhower. Trump may have trouble matching Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal, but if he gets a second term, look out! Forget a rocket to the Moon! Trump will build an space elevator made of synthetic diamonds. I would love to hear Donald Trump just talk about his vision for the future rather than be peppered with stupid questions about Rosie O′Donnell or David Duke. They do not matter, our future as a nation does!

On the global stage, Donald J. Trump would be the best leader and national negotiator we could ever hope for. He has the right combination of toughness, intelligence and flexibility to outmaneuver our opponents. On more than one occasion, Trump has signaled that he would not signal his intentions. Keep our enemies guessing! They would never know how or from where Trump would strike. He would outflank ISIS, Russia, China, etc, at every turn. Plus, he understands how to exploit a weakness with immediate effect. I loved how he raised the subject of General John ′Blackjack′ Pershing and how he defeated the Muslims of the Moro Rebellion in the Philippines. Executing the jihad terrorists of the day with bullets dipped in pig blood. ISIS, like the Moros, are behaving in a manner dating back to the 7th Century, so why not use the superstitions of that era against them? Yeah, its not pretty nor is it politically correct, but it worked in the 19th Century and just the threat of it might convince the Jihadists to cool it now.

On trade, nobody else running for president would assemble a better team of negotiators for America than Donald J. Trump! He would send the best we have up against those of our competitors. Not just a bunch of political hacks and campaign contributors. A Trump Administration would be tough, but fair. Other nations would quickly respect us and bargain in good faith. Not as they do today where they snicker and chuckle while ripping us off. The end result would be reestablishing America as a world leader. As a good friend to have as an ally and as one nation you would not want to cross swords with. Our military would be run correctly as Trump would let the generals general and provide our admirals with a fleet they would be proud of. No more buying junk that was designed to fight the last war. We′ll have a lean, mean fighting machine, ready for anything fate throws our way. Together with rules of engagement that make sense, ″nobody will mess with us″ as Trump is fond of saying.

I am not buying the arguments by the dopes of the #NeverTrump gang. Mitt Romney, the Club for Growth, Conservative Inc., and the rest are total idiots! I heard Sen. Lindsey Graham say yesterday that he would consider a Trump victory so bad it would ruin our country for decades. Does he honestly believe that handing the election to Hillary Clinton would be better? Is Graham okay with giving Hillary the power to appoint two, three, even four Supreme Court justices? Talk about irreparable harm! Where do you think our nation would be with a Supreme Court that has a Left-leaning majority for the next 20-30 years? Kiss whatever is left of the Constitution goodbye!

No! A vote for anyone other than Donald J. Trump, in my personal opinion, would be political and economic suicide. There is no doubt in my mind of that fact. If you want a secure nation, a free nation, a happy nation, then Donald Trump is the one to put in the White House. He will build a wall and protect our borders. Trump will dispose of Obamacare and replace it with his 7-point healthcare plan, giving us better, and cheaper, healthcare. Donald Trump would negotiate better deals in trade and defense with our allies and enemies. ISIS would be toast! Our economy reinvigorated with jobs for all. America would once again become a land of boundless opportunity where dreams can be made real. Donald Trump would outdo even Ronald Reagan in restoring a national sense of pride and optimism. Washington would be cleaned out of the corrupt cronies and would work and serve the American people once again. Save our nation, yourself, your children and grandchildren, and vote for Donald J. Trump!