Is 2016 the year that democracy dies in the United States? In the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders supporters are very unhappy with the DNC Super-Delegate situation, that guarantees Hillary Clinton the nomination. In the Republican Party, the #NeverTrump movement is in full throttle. Right after Mitt Romney′s cowardly speech, a complete line of ′swag′ appeared at multiple websites, selling #NeverTrump t-shirts, coffee mugs and water bottles. If they aren′t being sold already, I′ll wager that by Monday you′ll be able to buy a #NeverTrump foam-rubber yoga mat! Neo-Con foreign policy wonks have published an anti-Trump letter, straight out of Ayn Rand′s ″The Fountainhead″. Even the website RedState has posted an anonymous article by ″imperfectamerica″ calling on Rush Limbaugh to join the ranks of ″the pantheon of giants″, like J.P. Morgan, to denounce Donald Trump. Really??? J.P. Morgan, the guy who gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax? Some Beltway swells are even now talking about returning to a pre-1972 era nomination system, where only a handful of states allowed the public to vote for potential presidential candidates. The Power Elite no longer trust The People!

Well, maybe they, the Power Elite, are right? Maybe it is time to just do away with this illusion of democracy? We, The People, cannot be trusted to govern ourselves. This is the thinking that explains why the Secret Service is now investigating Glenn Beck after he threatened the life of Donald Trump. Beck allegedly told his radio audience that if he could get close enough to Trump, Glenn would end the Trump campaign quickly. Hmm, sure sounds like a threat to me! If you read the RedState article I mentioned, the reasons given for hating Trump are ludicrous! Trump will end Capitalism??? Yeah, right! If he′s going to do anything, Trump will save Capitalism! Maybe Newt Gingrich is correct when he joked that the reason the Beltway Elite hate Trump is because Trump does not belong to any ″secret society″. Bilderberger-Bilderberger-Bilderberger!

Bad enough that we have Hillary Clinton running around like a lunatic, cackling in her hen-like fashion over questions of violating national security, or even causing death and destruction throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Now we have the GOP Establishment threatening to stop Donald Trump from being the Republican Party presidential nominee, even if it means a brokered convention and blowing the Grand Old Party completely apart. Make no mistake, their intention is real and absolute. Even if Trump succeeds in winning the 1237 delegates for the convention, plans are being made to deny Trump the nomination.

And folks wonder why Donald Trump decided to skip the 2016 CPAC convention this weekend? Forget that it is Super Saturday and four states are casting ballots. What difference does voting make? If the #NeverTrump people have their way, none of the votes cast will count anyway. Trump made the right decision to skip CPAC, especially after a warning was issued to prevent convention goers from bring fruits and vegetables into the assembly. As Admiral Ackbar would say, ″IT′S A TRAP!!!″

I′ve said this before and I′ll say it again. Over a year a go, when Jeb Bush appeared to be the probable Republican presidential nominee, I declared that I would support him, even though I do not like him one bit! I′d vote for The Devil himself rather than Hillary Clinton. I didn′t like Mitt Romney in 2012, but I still voted for him. I didn′t like John McCain in 2008, but I still voted for him. Apparently, its only okay for people like me to swallow our principles and convictions. After all, I′m just a peasant. A serf. A little person. A resident in ′fly-over country′. As long as I can scrape enough manure off my fingers to cast a vote for the chosen representative of the Power Elite, then my silly vote would be counted.

When you read both ″The Federalist Papers″ and ″The Anti-Federalist Papers″, it becomes quite clear that the Founding Fathers did not want political parties. The People would vote for their own state leaders, and for their individual candidates for the House of Representatives. The elected state legislatures and governors would then decide whom to send to the US Senate to represent the interests of each state. Together, the House and Senate would then form the Electoral College and pick a President and a Vice President. Frankly, I have no problem if we were to go back to that system. But not in the middle of an ongoing election!

Donald Trump, along with the other GOP candidates, were compelled to sign a statement, a contract if you prefer, that they would support whomever the nominee was. That none would stray from the rules nor form a Third Party. This past Thursday night, at the latest GOP debate, all four remaining contenders reaffirmed that commitment to play by the rules. But now we have a group who want to change the rules. Even the GOP Chairman, Reince Priebus, said yesterday that there is only an 85-90% chance that there will not be a brokered convention.

However, he also said that there would be ″no shell games″, which would imply that whomever does wind up with the most delegates, even if it is a bit short of 1237, would still be the nominee. That some deal would be cut not by ′The Party′, but by the candidates themselves, to arrive at a consensus. Presumably between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. I doubt if Trump would want Cruz to be his VP, but what might make a deal possible would be a promise for Trump to pick Cruz to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, assuming that the seat is still vacant. Even if Obama does get one last court appointment, somebody else will retire or die soon and Cruz would still have a shot. Ted Cruz would do much more for the country on the Supreme Court than he could ever hope to do in the White House. He′s young and would outlast 3 or 4 presidents at least while shaping the nation′s direction. A Cruz presidency would mean at least 2, if not 4 years of nothing getting done in Washington.

Has our current two-party system outlived its usefulness? On many issues, there is little difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Neither seems to have the stomach for reforming Washington. They, together, ARE Washington! But now we have reached a point where in both major parties, a popular candidate may be denied a fair, honest election. For the DNC side of the coin, the Super-Delegate matter means that Bernie Sanders must out perform Hillary Clinton with more or less a super-majority of about two-thirds of all remaining votes to even have a slim chance of success.

On the Republican Party side, you have a small group of Beltway Insiders and old party hacks whom are plotting to steal the nomination away from Donald Trump. If you think this bunch will hand it over to Ted Cruz, dream on! I doubt if they would even give it to Little Marco Rubio or the dull John Kasich. It looks to me like Mitt Romney wants the nomination handed to him on a silver platter. Even if they give it to Jeb Bush in the end, that would be an outrage which would effectively end democracy as we know it. A handful of sourpusses and fools are bent on driving America right off the edge of a cliff just because The People are angry at them for a century of debt and failed policies. If you ask me, The People have a right to be angry and woe unto those who push The People too far!