The Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan was the setting for 11th GOP debate aired on the Fox News Channel last night. The four remaining Republican Presidential candidates faced Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The affair comes after two events earlier yesterday, the anti-Trump speech by Mitt Romney and Roger Ailes dumping Marco Rubio as the Fox News pick. Good timing, too! The cowardly Mitt Romney speech only made Donald J Trump stronger as the anti-Establishment candidate. Meanwhile, Little Marco Rubio proved once again that he is a true lightweight. Science even proved that Rubio lied about the size of Trump′s hands, and most likely other anatomical appendices. John Kasich probably came off as the most adult, rational, level-headed candidate, or in other words, the most dull! Ted Cruz continued to lie, he even lied about how many states he has finished first in!

All in all, despite the anatomy lesson, Donald Trump did okay. He was not too mean spirited and generally pushed the view of being flexible, as a wise negotiator should be. So his performance overall will probably not effect any of the upcoming elections tomorrow on Super Saturday or on next Tuesday. In Michigan, for example, which votes on March 8, there has been a record number of absentee ballots issued, 30% more than ever before. As we have seen in previous exit polls, Trump, who is leading in the Great Lakes State, always does well with people who decided weeks ago. So I really do not see the outcome being much different in the near term. Nor do I suspect that the new wave of anti-Trump TV ads by the other candidates and the newly formed Super-PAC, Our Principles PAC, will have much effect.

The only potential change may come on March 15 when John Kasich has a chance to actually win his first contest, his home state of Ohio. Trump currently leads there but Kasich is within reach. Plus, like Florida, Ohio is a winner-take-all state. Speaking of Florida, while the anti-Trump forces plan a huge ad buy in the Sunshine State, the big problem there is that Little Marco Rubio is just too far behind and is generally too disliked by the Florida voters. They are not happy about No-Show Rubio missing so much work in the US Senate. His campaign is finished, which is why Roger Ailes and the Fox News Channel is dumping him as their candidate of choice. FNC founder Rupert Murdoch has also signaled that it is time for the rest of the GOP to get behind Donald Trump. Perhaps Murdoch′s new bride, Jerry Hall, had something to do with his change of heart?

John Kasich did the best overall during the 11th GOP debate held in Detroit, Michigan last night. But Kasich is just too dull and boring. His ideas and policies are left overs from Jack Kemp and the 1980s. The Fox News Channel did well with the ratings as the debate drew a huge audience. Donald J Trump straddled the line between being angry and being presidential quite well. He did best knocking back attacks by Little Marco Rubio, the clear loser last night, as well as against the specter of Mitt Romney. Ted Cruz kept his sparring down to a minimum but not his lies. Cruz is so dishonest he cannot even remember how many states he has actually won! He kept saying he won 5 states while he has only won 4 so far. Too bad Ben Carson decided to bail out. This may have been his big chance to make a splash. Instead, Jimmy Kimmel did a bit bidding a goodnight to Ben.