More bad news for the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign! The man who set up her private email server, Byran Pagliano, has been given immunity by the FBI and Justice Department. The IT expert is a key person in the whole investigation into how some 2,115 classified documents, including 22 emails rated as TOP SECRET, found their way unto the private server? Pagliano was Hillary′s Information Technology head during her 2008 presidential campaign. He later set up the private email server for the Clinton′s charity organization and later still joined the State Department when Hillary was appointed as its head. Byran Pagliano pleaded the Fifth Amendment when questioned by the House Benghazi Committee. Being granted immunity would seem to indicate that the FBI investigation on the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal is entering a new phase.

Details on the type of immunity granted to Byran Pagliano are not known. There are basically two flavors. Complete immunity, which would exonerate any wrong doing committed, and partial immunity, which would only cover any wrong doing connected to be questioned by authorities. For example, in many cases, people are prosecuted not for any actually crimes committed against the public but instead are prosecuted as a result of lying to authorities while investigating possible crimes. This latter type is the more common form of immunity granted by prosecutors.

The key issue in the FBI investigation on the Hillary Clinton private email server is how classified material found its way on to it? In many cases, certainly that of the 22 emails with Top Secret material in them, that information could only come from a secure, government source. I have mentioned this in previous articles on the matter. The data is stored at various intelligence agencies, or at the State Department, on a secure server which is totally isolated from any public access. These are usually computer work stations locked away is special rooms which are built inside a Faraday Cage. These computers are only connected, if it all, to a secured, government network, not to the Internet or World-Wide-Web.

For this material to wind up on Hillary Clinton′s private email server means that somebody, most likely a member of Clinton′s State Department staff, illegally copied or removed the material and then pasted or attached it to an email which was then sent to Hillary Clinton. In many cases, Hillary, herself, then passed those emails to other people. When her term as Secretary of State was concluded, she and her staff then deleted many emails, destroying government documents. All of these actions are against the law.

We know from one particular email exchange between Hillary Clinton and Jacob ′Jake′ Sullivan that Clinton told Sullivan how to circumvent security standards and send her classified material in a personal email. She even told him to remove any markings from the material which would indicate it was classified. Hillary Clinton is always saying as an excuse that none of her emails contained any material ′marked′ classified or Top Secret. The email between Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan on June 17, 2011 clearly shows that she ordered him to remove those markings.

So news that the FBI and the Justice Department has granted Byran Pagliano some form of immunity as part of their investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email server is significant. Reports are that the FBI intends to question Pagliano along with other former and current Clinton staffers before the end of May. Even Hillary Rodham Clinton herself may be questioned under oath in the near future. As Joe Biden would say, ″This is a big f*****g deal!″