″I always knew you were an informer!″ So said Fred C. Dobbs in ″The Treasure of Sierra Madre″ when Cody the interloper threatened to pimp on the gold prospectors and turn them in to the authorities for a share of the gold. Well, now we have Willard ′Mitt′ Romney playing the interloper in the 2016 GOP presidential campaign. Sure, Mittens has a right to his opinion and say what he thinks. Nobody is denying that. But for him to come out now and hold a press conference for the sole purpose of attacking Donald J Trump does show a streak of disloyalty. After all, in 2012, when Newt Gingrich clobbered Romney in the South Carolina primary, it was Donald Trump who came to Romney′s rescue and helped him win in Nevada. Romney said many nice things about Trump back then. So why is he attacking Trump now?

Is it jealously? Patriotism? A deep concern for the future of our country? Or is it just sour grapes? I′m leaning towards the first and last reasons! Romney should have beaten Barack Obama in 2012. He decimated Obama in the first debate. But Mitt Romney choked in the second debate when he stumbled on the Benghazi terrorist attack issue. After that, Romney went ′turtle′ and crawled back into his shell, hardly to be seen during the final few weeks of the campaign. Mitt lost his nerve. He simply did not have the stomach to win.

Donald Trump saw that and remembered the moment well. I suspect it was the primary reason why Trump decided to run for president himself now. He looked at the field of candidates for 2016 and did not see anyone running who had the ′killer instinct′ to fight. Jeb Bush was considered to be the primary candidate. Lots of experience, reams of policy papers, and plenty of cash in his war chest. But, he′s still Jeb Bush! The ′nice′ Bush. The easy going, friendly Bush that everyone likes. Not exactly the sort of fellow who could stand up against the combination of the Clinton Machine, the DNC and The Media.

It is no coincidence that Donald J Trump entered the GOP presidential race the very next day after Jeb Bush officially threw his hat in the ring. Trump was sending a message, a very clear, sharp message! NO MORE LIGHTWEIGHTS! Donald Trump did what any good citizen of a republic would do, assume personal responsibility for the survival of the nation. There were no doubts, no hesitations, Trump was going to fight for America and for the American people. Trump spent all of his adult life fighting the political and financial establishment as a businessman. Now, he was going to bring that same courage and tenacity and fight to save the country from the very same establishment.

For quite some time, many people have denounced the existence of an ′Establishment′. Well, this week, we have the evidence! The Establishment has crawled out from the woodwork into the light of day. They are exposing themselves. The US Chamber of Commerce, the Club for Growth, Wall Street, Beltway lobbyists, Beltway consultants, Beltway think tanks, etc, etc, etc. Millionaires and Billionaires are tossing bushels of cash to political insiders to run a massive effort to stop Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination. They claim he is destroying the Republican Party. But the evidence is to the contrary. Trump is saving the GOP!

Donald Trump has built a coalition of supporters that rivals, if not surpasses, the ′Big Tent′ of Ronald Reagan. Not only are Republicans who stayed home in 2008 and 2012 coming out to join the ′Trump Train′, so too are Independents and Democrats. Just on this past Super Tuesday, the numbers flipped from 2008, when Democrats came out in record numbers for their primaries, about 8.2 Million to just 5 Million for Republican candidates. Two days ago, 8.3 Million voted in the GOP primaries to only 5.5 Million for the Democrats.

Democratic Party insider and consultant, Paul Begala said it all while on CNN during election night. The turnout numbers are scaring him and they should be scaring the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The ′enthusiasm gap′ ″keeps me up at night″. His best line of Tuesday night was in discussing exit poll data on how angry the voters are. In nearly every state, voter anger and dissatisfaction scored 90% or more! In every state, 50% or more of the Republican voters felt ″betrayed″ by GOP leaders! Begala said when it comes to the Washington Establishment, these voters want to ″burn it to the ground and spit on the ashes!″ I love it!

So here we have a perfect storm. The GOP is finally getting what they want. Their base of supporters is expanding, is more inclusive and even more diverse. There are actual polls that show Donald Trump could earn 25% or more of the African-American vote! In Nevada, more people voted for Trump in 2016 than all votes cast for all candidates in 2012, including Willard ′Mitt′ Romney. But, it seems that Mitt Romney and the rest of the worn-out, old guard of the Republican Party are not happy. They are not happy because Donald Trump is a loose cannon. He is self-funding his own campaign. Trump is not a puppet to the Establishment and their bevy of money-honeys. Which, is the basic reason why the Trump campaign is a MOVEMENT!

Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment would rather set fire to their own house and destroy it now before Donald Trump has a chance to clean it up. Somewhere between $20 Million to $100 Million dollars has been raised in just the past few days to attack Trump. A new Super PAC, the ′Our Principles PAC′, has been created over the weekend to manage the battle. In today′s speech in Utah, Mitt Romney is expected to lay out the main talking points for the attack. Advanced copies of his speech are circulating in The Media to gin up the spectacle, just hours before Donald Trump will face his opponents and the haters of the Fox News Channel in tonight′s GOP debate.

While I am confident that Donald J Trump will survive this assault and go on to win enough delegates to win the GOP nomination, we have to consider the possibility that even then there will be more trickery to come by Republican Party insiders. There is already talk of having Romney jump in for the last batch of primaries and to stir up a convention floor fight. If you thought things have been ugly before, it will get even worse. But, this is all in a day′s work for Donald Trump. He has the right stuff to go in and face the challenge. How nice would it be if Reince Priebus would stand up and squash this new offensive before it causes major damage to the GOP brand? Trump signed his loyalty oath, and the other candidates allegedly did so as well. If Priebus does not act quickly, we will have civil war within the GOP of the likes which that the Republican Party will not survive. Luckily for us, the FBI may be moving closer to bringing the Hillary Clinton campaign to a screeching halt.