Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! The Grand Old Party seems to be bent on shattering itself. Reports of Republican Party consultants and major donors teaming up in a last-ditch effort to defeat Donald Trump are growing. Historically speaking, any GOP candidate who wins either Iowa or New Hampshire, then wins South Carolina, generally becomes the presidential nominee. Especially if said candidate has a good night on Super Tuesday! Well, billionaire businessman, Donald J Trump, has done all of that. More to the point, exit poll data from every single primary and caucus to date shows extreme dissatisfaction with GOP leaders by primary voters. In many states, the ′Angry′ and ′Dissatisfied′ numbers range above 90%! In most states, more than 50% of Republican voters feel BETRAYED by their party′s leadership! So who will win this battle within the GOP?

Perhaps the better question is, whether or not this fight is winnable in the first place? Are we looking at Mutually Assured Destruction? Last night in his victory speech, Donald J Trump declared himself to be a unifier. He stated that he has created a movement which has not only a broad base of support within the Republican Party, but has also drawn in many Democrats and Independent voters as well. Some polls show him doing well with African-American voters, as high as 25% over the two Democratic Party candidates. The Hispanic-Latino vote is another story. While polls are very mixed with some good for Trump, some very bad, Trump did do well in the Nevada caucus, though the percentage of Hispanic voters was small. Still, he did more than double that of either Ted Cruz or Little Marco Rubio, both of whom are of Cuban descent.

Trump′s support in the exits polls covers nearly every major demographic over his GOP opponents. Be it gender, age, income, education level, religion, etc., Donald Trump tops the the rest. Not since Ronald Reagan have we seen such a ′Big Tent′. Take last night′s Super Tuesday contests. Trump showed that he plays well in any region. He not only won states in the Deep South, but also in the Northeast and in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is a ′Purple State′ which lately has been leaning more ′Blue′. Some general election polls show Trump beating any Democratic nominee in states like New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. States which have not voted Republican in a presidential campaign for many years.

So why are GOP Insiders so upset and ready to hit the self-destruct button? Its all about power and money! The political consulting and donor classes fear that Donald Trump will ruin their grip on government. They think, with good reason, that Trump will ignore the thousands of well paid lobbyists and think-tank types who shape national policy. Special interests like Big Labor, Big Banking, Big Oil and Big Pharma will be sucking on lemons as Trump sidesteps and out maneuvers them all with his famous, business acumen. Worse yet, Trump, like Reagan, has The People behind him! The Donald knows how to communicate directly to the Masses, skirting the Media prism which tries to imprison us all.

Trump is a loose cannon in the minds of the Power Elites. A Barbarian disrupting their Georgetown cocktail hours. Mind you, the GOP is their property as it is a private corporation. Just as the DNC is! They can change the rules without any notice or cause to suit their needs. How can they go to a meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos or hang out with the Bilderbergers if they cannot run the United States as they see fit? In their minds, this Trump fellow is little more than an upstart leading a mob of angry peasants. Even their phony arm of ′Conservative Inc′, designed to give false hopes and vent off steam, are failing this election cycle.

Nope! None of that now! So those who fund, advise and run the political class in Washington are so afraid of Donald J Trump that if they have to, they are willing to destroy the Republican Party. Shatter the GOP into a million pieces. If Bernie Sanders were doing better in the primaries, or if the DNC was more ′democratic′ and did away with super-delegates, they would be in the same boat, too! This is more fodder for those who think our corrupt, two-party system is really just one-party, the Party of the Establishment. In the old days, most states selected their delegates by way of caucuses and the smoke-filled, backrooms. Once more states adopted primaries, then switched from closed to open primaries, The People began to have a real say in whom they wanted to run the country. But now, The People are angry and are getting out of hand! The GOP may be going down the tubes if the party elites try to oppose them. But don′t think that this is an isolated problem. The Democrats are headed for a showdown, too! It may come a cycle or two later, but it is coming!