Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton each won 7 of the 11 contests in yesterday′s 2016 Super Tuesday primary election results. Bernie Sanders won 4 states, followed by Ted Cruz who won 3 and Little Marco Rubio won one caucus, his first win of the campaign season. Yet, No-Show Rubio made another ′victory′ speech on why he is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Ted Cruz continued his campaign of lies during his post-election speech, attacking Donald Trump on several issues. Trump, on the other hand, gave a truly ′presidential′ speech following his series of diverse victories. The Donald called on party unity and set the stage for expanding the Republican pool of voters in the fight ahead with Hillary Clinton. Hillary also began her general election campaign knowing that Bernie Sanders is essentially finished. But ′The Bern′ vowed last night to fight on till the bitter end!

The final tallies, in particular the delegate counts, are still forthcoming. This morning, each of the major cable news networks provided different sets of numbers, none of which added up to the 595 delegates in last night′s Republican primaries, nor even the 1,032 in the Democratic Party contests. But, in general, I would have to say that so far it appears that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, while winning big, both under-performed expectations. Neither candidate wrapped up their respective nominations after the polls had closed. Hillary still maintains a huge lead over Sanders due to her super-delegate count.

In some ways, by only winning 7 states last night, Donald Trump actually may have had a better strategic victory than he would have if he had won 9 or 10 states. The results were enough to keep Cruz, Rubio and John Kasich all in the race, probably at least for the next two weeks. This may allow Trump to win delegate-rich states like Michigan and Mississippi with modest numbers next week, as well as winner-take-all states like Florida and Ohio two weeks from now. In the latest Real Clear Politics poll averages, Trump leads in each of the next batches of states by 15-20 points, making it less likely that Rubio or Kasich will score any victories.

Inside the Washington Beltway, GOP consultants and donors are in panic mode! There is a widely reported story about a conference call to hatch an anti-Trump coalition designed to stop Trump at all costs. A new Super PAC will be formed quickly to air negative TV ads in hopes of denying Donald Trump a clear path to winning the 1237 delegates needed for the nomination at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland. But much of this strategy depends on either Little Marco Rubio or John Kasich being able to win enough contests and delegates to succeed. In many of last night′s elections, neither candidate won enough of the threshold vote of 20% to earn any delegates. Ted Cruz may have a better chance in many upcoming primaries, but the same group of Beltway Insiders may hate him even more so than Trump!

As for Bernie Sanders, he is in the same boat as Trump in some respects. The DNC is clearly slanted towards nominating Hillary Clinton at all costs. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii resigned her post as Vice-Chair of the DNC the other day and endorsed Sanders. She cited the pro-Hillary bias as her reason for her resignation. Bernie Sanders is doing better than Hillary Clinton in ′White States′, those with a lower percentage of non-White voters. He may have lost Massachusetts yesterday to Hillary because some 20,000 Democrat voters switched parties to vote for Trump.

So, the 2016 Super Tuesday primary election results seem to have favored Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Both won 7 of the 11 states each fought for. Hillary Clinton has a substantial, if not insurmountable lead in delegates due to her having over 400 super-delegates in her column. Donald Trump may not have won as many delegates as expected, though a final tally is yet available. Each of the three major cable news networks have different results and all are short some 90-100 delegates. I suspect that Trump will be awarded most of those, especially since Little Marco Rubio and John Kasich failed to achieve the minimum threshold of votes to earn delegates in several states. At best, Ben Carson might have picked up two, new delegates last night. Why the Media is still interviewing Dr. Ben and treating him like a real candidate is bizarre. Should he even be on a debate stage anymore? Its not like he′s asked many questions when he is.