Late Monday evening, the Department of State released the last, final batch of Hillary Clinton emails, once stored on her private email server. Of over some 3,000 pages, about 260 of the emails contained classified material, bring the grand total to 2,115. Of which, 22 of the emails contained TOP SECRET material deemed too critical for National Security to be made public in any form. A far cry from just 50 weeks ago when Hillary Rodham Clinton told the world that none of her emails, ZERO, had any classified material in them! So now that the State Department has released all of the emails, what will happen next?

Well, now comes the ′fun part′. A federal judge has already ordered that a number of key Clinton staffers, including Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jacob ′Jake′ Sullivan, are to be deposed as part of a FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch before the end of April. Hillary Clinton, herself, will also probably be deposed with her colleagues. During an interview on Fox News yesterday, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch again confirmed that there is an ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by the FBI. Undoubtedly, the FBI will want to question the cast of characters first. They will most likely have a longer list of those to be questioned, including friends of Hillary Clinton like Sidney Blumenthal, whom exchanged a number of emails with Hillary on Libya and the Benghazi attack.

So it is now a question of just how fast this next step is taken? If the Federal Bureau of Investigations wants to question those whom are facing being deposed in the Judicial Watch lawsuit, we are talking sometime within the next few weeks. Well after most of the primaries and caucuses being held this month. Hillary Clinton is expected to wrap up the Democratic Party presidential nomination soon. Perhaps within the next two weeks, reaching a delegate count where Bernie Sanders will be unable to overcome. Once the FBI concludes its interviews with Clinton, her former State Department staff and others involved, the Federal Bureau of Investigations will then makes its findings known to the Justice Department. If the FBI recommends that Hillary Clinton, or even just some members of her staff, be indicted for violating federal laws, the impact on the 2016 Elections would be enormous.

A lot of people are going to be holding their breath over the next few weeks as this continuing saga unfolds. Now that the State Department has released all of the known emails which were on the private email server of Hillary and Bill Clinton, all eyes shift to the FBI and the federal court handling the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch. As Hillary, her staff and friends are questioned and deposed, something is bound to be decided by May or June at the latest. The question is, by that time, is whether Hillary Rodham Clinton will be able to continue her presidential campaign or be forced out? If she is forced to withdraw, then who replaces her? Will Bernie Sanders slip into the nomination, or will Joe Biden or some other Insider get the nod?