Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions endorsed Donald J Trump for president yesterday at the largest yet campaign rally for Trump in Madison. Over 35,000 people watched as Senator Sessions donned a red ″Make America Great Again″ ballcap. This was the very first time Sessions has endorsed any Republican presidential primary candidate since becoming a US Senator in 1996. Alabama is among the states voting tomorrow in the SEC Super Tuesday elections. But, as usual, Media attention is focused on an alleged endorsement by David Duke, a former Klansman who left the KKK in 1980. Donald Trump had disavowed the endorsement on Friday at the press conference held in Texas where Chris Christie endorsed Trump. Meanwhile, the GOP Elite is having a total meltdown, even raising the specter of having Mitt Romney jump in the race or forming a 3rd Party to stop Trump from winning the White House.

Despite Trump′s disavowing the Duke endorsement on Friday in Texas, and again on Saturday in Arkansas, CNN host Jake Tapper question Donald Trump again on the subject Sunday morning. If you saw the interview, you could see that Trump was irritated. I do not know why he answered the the question the way he did? This morning, Trump told the folks at NBC′s ″Today Show″ that he had a bad earpiece and had trouble hearing Tapper. When Trump told Tapper he didn′t know about Duke′s endorsement, he was probably telling the truth, that he hadn′t read it himself and why should he? Trump doesn′t care about David Duke! He has other fish to fry, like the Washington Establishment and Beltway lobbyists. Not to mention the Media itself!

Opponents are always claiming that Trump is not giving any specific details on his plans for healthcare, or dealing with ISIS or the National Debt. How can he when he is constantly being asked about stuff that doesn′t matter or is simply not true? No, nice try, Establishment Elite! Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee whether you like it or not. Little Marco ′No-Show′ Rubio and ′The Liar′ Ted Cruz have no chance to beat Trump. Neither does the has-been, Mitt Romney. I can see Mittens now debating Hillary Clinton and being scared off to confront her about Benghazi or her email scandal. Let alone her being in the tank for Goldman Sachs.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, I wonder why David Duke and KKK did not endorse her? Hillary is on record for publicly stating that all Black youth are ″super predators″ and should be ″made to heel″. Why is not Jake Tapper and others in The Media asking her about those statements? The Democratic Party thrives on plantation politics. Without it, they would never get elected to any office. Hillary Clinton is just reaping the benefits of Lyndon Baines Johnson who said he had secured the Black vote for the next 200 years with his half-baked civil rights agenda.

Sen. Jeff Sessions is an honorable man. A true Republican-Conservative leader with a long career of opposing Big Government and many inhumane practices. Sessions is a true ′Lion′ of the US Senate. Not some Johnny-Come-Lately like Ted ′The Liar′ Cruz or Little Marco ′No-Show′ Rubio. That Sen. Jeff Sessions endorses Donald J Trump for president, the first time Sessions has ever made such an endorsement, goes a long way to show what a thoughtful, honorable man Sessions is. He sees that Trump is the solution to decades of abusive, Big Government. That Trump may be our last, best chance at saving America from Socialism and tyranny. Don′t be fooled by the noise of The Media! Don′t be tricked by political hacks! Donald Trump is the path to Make America Great Again!