When Hillary Clinton wrongly accused Donald Trump of being an alleged misogynist, might she have targeted the wrong GOP candidate? Some people are beginning to raise questions about Ted Cruz based on his being funded by two, Texas fracking billionaires, Farris and Dan Wilks. If you think the Koch brothers are bad, wait until you here about these two chaps! The Wilks brothers have so far given an estimated $15 million dollars to Ted Cruz super PACs. The Wilks are members of a rather fundamentalist sect of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, whose doctrine on women resembles those of the Taliban and ISIS. Their attitude on women dates somewhere between the Old Testament and the 19th Century. So why are none in The Media, like Megyn Kelly, questioning Ted Cruz about his connection with the Wilks?

The answer is obvious! Ted Cruz has been hiding behind Ben Carson and Donald Trump for most of this election cycle. Up until late November, Cruz was in the same boat with the rest of the old ′Second Tier′ group of candidates. Trump and Carson led in nearly every state. In Iowa, Carson had a commanding lead up until stories about his character and biography came under scrutiny. People began to wonder if it was a good idea to elect somebody who once wanted to kill his mother with a hammer?

Carson′s numbers dropped into the basement and Ted Cruz snatched up most of the support in Iowa. His numbers also began to improve elsewhere across the electoral map, such as in South Carolina. This was when Donald Trump noticed that Ted Cruz was ′drafting′ off of him and went after the Canadian-born senator. Iowa became a battleground where Cruz managed to win a slight victory, possibly due to a number of dirty tricks his campaign played in the final days before and during the Iowa caucus. Since then, Cruz has finished no better than in third place in the 3 subsequent contests.

The Wilks religious views may have come from their father whom had started a sect known as the Assembly of Yaweh Seventh Day Adventist Church. The older brother, Farris, is pastor of that congregation today. The Wilks sect preaches a hardcore, fundamentalist message which is anti-Gay and considers that God placed Man to have complete dominion over women. Strictly Old Testament stuff! They do not even celebrate the usual batch of Christian holidays, including Christmas or Easter. Like the rest of the Seventh Day Adventists, they practice the Sabbath on Saturday. The Wilks church also opposes all forms of contraception, even condoms. These guys are no fun at all!

So why has Megyn Kelly, nor any other Media type questioned Ted Cruz about the Wilks brothers? You know darn well that the Democrats will raise the subject in a general election campaign, should Cruz win the nomination. Fortunately, that seems extremely unlikely as Donald J Trump leads the GOP race for the White House with his own brand of ′Common Sense Conservatism′. Not only is Trump rooted in the 20th Century, he understands the need to adapt for the 21st Century. But the same cannot be said for the Wilks brothers, primary funders for Ted Cruz. Farris and Dan Wilks have given a Ted Cruz super-PAC some $15 Million dollars so far. Talk about fools and their money!