New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorses Donald J Trump during a Trump rally in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday. The Christie endorsement follows Trump being endorsed by several Republican members of Congress, including Vietnam war hero Duncan Hunter. Hunter, a decorated member of the 101st Airborne Division, was dissed by the former Democrat and Walter Mondale speech writer, Charles Krauthammer on Fox News last night. Cucky-Chucky said that nobody beyond Hunter′s family knows who he is. I beg to differ. Probably people know who Duncan Hunter is in just the State of California than those who know Krauthammer nationwide! I have found memories of watching Hunter, along with naval jet ace, Randy ′Duke′ Cunningham and former Air Force pilot, POW and retired colonel, Sam Johnson stand on the floor of the House with Newt Gingrich in 1992. This was when Newt was doing his nightly ′Special Orders′ detailing the sorted biography of one William Jefferson Clinton, including those 40-below-zero Christmas vacations in sunny, Soviet Moscow.


Back to the business at hand, the Chris Christie endorsement of Donald Trump stole whatever attention Marco ′No-Show′ Rubio was getting after Thursday night′s GOP debate. Senator ′Coco Dorm′ was on the campaign trail in Arkansas trying to poke fun at Trump, reading tweets. Rubio went into ′Roboto′ mode repeating the same lame jokes and tweets all throughout Friday. Christie hammered Roboto-Rubio hard during two campaign stops with Trump, first in Ft. Worth, then later in Oklahoma. Christie explained to Trump supporters that Donald Trump is the only Republican Party candidate who can take on Hillary Clinton and defeat her.

Some pundits are already thinking that Chris Christie only endorsed Donald Trump in order to position himself for a job in the Trump administration. While it is unlikely that Trump would select Christie as his Vice Presidential running mate, appointing the former federal prosecutor as Attorney General would make much sense. Rudy Giuliani is being talked about as a potential Secretary for Homeland Security. Many expect a formal endorsement by Giuliani for Trump soon, though Rudy has already been advising Trump on the sly.

A number of GOP elitists have stepped forward to back Marco No-Show, now that Jeb Bush is out of the White House race. It is widely believed that Mittens Romney was going to endorse Rubio soon, which explains the lies Romney spread on the Fox News Channel to Neil Cavuto about having ″good reasons″ to think there may be a ″bombshell″ in Trump′s tax returns. Alleged journalist Cavuto failed to inquire about those ″good reasons″, putting Mittens in my sour-grapes basket. Seriously, Romney betrayed Donald Trump, who endorsed Mittens before the Nevada primary right after Romney was beaten badly by Newt Gingrich in South Carolina back in 2012. I took a lot of heat for my attacks on Mittens during the 2012 GOP primary season from many hard-core Conservatives and Republicans. I do not expect an apology from them, but safe to say I have been proven right once again!

Will Chris Christie endorsing Donald J Trump yesterday open the floodgates for a tidal wave of more endorsements by Establishment Republicans? Is Christie splashing along the edge of the beach shouting, ″C′mon in, the waters fine!″? Or is he just doing this because his own future in GOP politics has hit a brick wall? That he recognizes it is better to bend with the wind and face the reality that Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee. Not the boyish Marco ′Coco Dorm′ Rubio who has yet to win any state primary or caucus? Mr. No-Show probably won′t even win in Florida, where he pretends to be their US Senator. Talk about ′con artists′! Thou name is Rubio!