So who won the 10th 2016 Republican presidential debate aired last night on CNN? Donald Trump, of course! He held off attacks by both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, as well as more feeble efforts by the likes of Hugh Hewitt. Even the dopey broad from Telemundo TV tried to trip up the Trump, but failed miserably. Rubio tried some new material, going after Trump University and telling viewers to Google ′donald trump polish workers′. There was an increase of searches for that string of about 300%. But Trump′s overall search was up some 1,700 %, giving him the day on the Internet. At the Drudge Report poll, Trump won with over 54% with Cruz well behind at 20%. Donald J Trump scored the best hit of the night when he blasted all of his competitors saying that he is the only one on stage who has actually hired anyone, creating real jobs. All in all, it was classic Trump all the way!

If there is anything good to say about the rest of the GOP contenders, it was that Marco Rubio finally decided to pick up ′The Hammer′. Too little, too late, from the looks of it. The latest Quinnipac Poll shows Trump well ahead of Rubio in Florida, Rubio′s ′home state′, if an anchor baby can have a ′home state′? A new Bloomberg poll which is a composite of all of the SEC Super Tuesday Southern states shows Donald Trump on top with 37%, nearly that of Cruz and Rubio, combined. While Ted Cruz is expected to win his ′home state′ of Texas, even though he hails from Alberta, it seems very unlikely that Cruz will get 50% of the vote. That is how much he would need to win all of the 155 delegates for Texas. Some polls show Cruz and Trump very close, so the probability is that Cruz wins a large portion of delegates with Trump picking up a big chunk of them. There are a total of 595 delegates on the block this Tuesday, and Donald Trump will probably win half to two-thirds of them easily.

Last night′s GOP debate was boisterous, with moderator Wolf Blitzer losing total control several times. Ohio Governor John Kasich gave his usual, homogenized performance that dates back to the 1980s. Poor Ben Carson was generally ignored by the questioners and his competitors. At one point, Carson begged the other candidates to attack him so he could have a chance to speak! Maybe he should talk about pyramids or something equally as crazy again to draw attention?

So while Marco Rubio was more feisty in last night′s Republican presidential debate, the odds are that it will have little effect in gaining him more votes next week. Some of the questions in the new Bloomberg poll continue to verify that voters simply do not care if Donald J Trump is a Conservative or even a Christian! The voters think Trump can win against Hillary Clinton in November and is the guy who can fix the economy and create more jobs. That is the bottom line, folks! All of the other issues are irrelevant. Even appointing Supreme Court nominees. Lets be honest! Republican presidents have sucked at making court appointments for decades. Look at Antonin Scalia! Sue, he was good on the Constitution, but the guy was a nut! Running around in green robes while hunting as a member of some secret society started by the Hapsburgs in the 16th Century? C′mon! Donald Trump is right, the country is being run by a bunch of very stupid people! After last night, my new second choice other than Trump is Zoe for President! She may be just a 1-year old baby, but at least she′s not a kook, yet!