Some days it just doesn′t pay to be Hillary Clinton! While campaigning in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton was heckled by an activist from Black Lives Matter. The activist attempted to remind Hillary Rodham Clinton about comments she made back in the 1990s while promoting her husband′s crime bill. Hillary referred to Black youths as ″super predators″, and said of Black drug dealers and gang members that the government should ″make them heel″. The activist was escorted out of the venue as Hillary stumbled about deflecting the attack. Will this put a dent in all of the support she has recently received from the usual bunch of African-American organizations and supporters?

My guess is probably not. The groups which are backing Hillary Clinton are too deep in the weeds with the DNC Establishment. However, it may impact vote totals. Not that everyone will suddenly jump on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon, which BLM has officially endorsed. There are signs that many African-Americans are even considering voting for Donald Trump, whether in November or even switching parties now for the primaries. But voter turnout is the key when it comes to Democrat elections. So far, in the first three states, turnout has been lackluster. The average is about 30% down from 2008 when turnout was high due to the big battle between Hillary and Obama.

Bernie Sanders is doing very well with younger Black voters, beating Hillary with margins of nearly 6-to-1. So Hillary Clinton has been coming up short to begin with. The question of whether or not this latest revelation will start to erode her support from older Black voters remains to be seen. Things were looking good for her as the demographics for South Carolina and the SEC Super Tuesday primaries have states with plenty of older Black voters. In some states, as much as 60% of registered Democratic voters are Blacks, and the majority are over 45 years old in age.

First, Hillary gets caught in a lie about Benghazi, then on her private email server. Then Hillary Clinton loses support from younger women voters after Trump nails her on her husband Bill′s philandering. Now she has this hanging over her head. Between this and the FBI investigation, which was confirmed to be a criminal one by none other than Attorney General Loretta Lynch yesterday, things are looking less peachy for Hillary. Even ′The Simpsons′ poked fun at her over the Goldman Sachs speeches this weekend. I suspect that the fix is in and will remain solid, at least until the FBI makes news. But there is no doubt that her goals to be the first woman president are getting slimmer and slimmer.