The tenth GOP debate of the campaign season will be on CNN tonight, live from Houston, Texas. Wolf Blitzer will be the host with the most as the Republican presidential candidates compete once again just before the SEC Super Tuesday primaries on March 1st. There is much speculation as to whether or not it is already too late for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich or even Ben Carson to stop Donald J Trump from winning the GOP nomination? Some think this may be their last chance to derail the ′Trump Train′ as it barrels towards total victory. Even Mitt Romney is getting in on the act, raising unsubstantiated concerns about Trump′s tax records. Nut a political scientist from Stony Brook University, Professor Helmut Norpoth, says its a done deal! Norpoth has modeled the elections and has concluded that Donald Trump has a 97% probability of defeating Hillary Clinton in November. Against Bernie Sanders, the odds go up to 99%!

Prof. Norpoth explained his calculations at a meeting on Monday in Manhattan at the Suny Global Center. His model has a methodology which verifies every election since 1912 with only one exception, 1960. I guess he could not factor in ′The Voting Dead′ of Chicago! Overall, his model has an accuracy rating of 96.1%, not too shabby, science-wise. Thanks to the results from the early primary votes, Prof. Norpoth is predicting that in a general election, Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton with a popular vote of 54.7% to 45.3%. Against Bernie Sanders, Trump would fare even better.

The Norpoth model is less happy for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The numbers of either against Hillary Clinton are the reverse of Trump′s, giving Hillary a victory with about 55% of the popular vote. Rubio edges out Cruz by a mere 0.3%, though still insufficient to win the White House. Against Sanders, they would both beat the self-described ′Socialist-Democrat′, with Rubio edging out Cruz by 0.6%. Of course, the only way that Sanders would be the Democratic Party nominee is if Hillary Clinton were indicted by the FBI and even then it would largely depend on the timing and who might jump in to replace her.

This morning while waiting for my wound-care nurse to show up, I saw Amanda Carpenter on some CNN show. She′s a Ted Cruz shill, having worked for him until recently and is now a regular pundit on CNN. When asked about how Donald Trump may be vulnerable, Amanda laid out several avenues of attack, such as belittling him, make Trump appear weak, attack him on issues and on character. Now, maybe I′ve been asleep for the past nine months, but haven′t the other candidates, the Media, and Establishment shills been trying to do all of that already?

From the start they attacked Trump as being a joke. An entertainer, a Reality TV star. The Huffington Post refused to write about him in their political section. Trump was dragged over hot coals for statements he made and positions he took on several issues, such as immigration. He was attacked for his tone! They went after his business practices, his net worth. They called Trump a bully, a clown, a circus act. They tried to beat him up on abortion, Planned Parenthood and eminent domain. Yet, Trump has been leading the GOP presidential race now for about 8 months or more while 12 of 16 other candidates have quit. Donald Trump blew away or outlasted Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Rand Paul, to name a few. Jeb Bush was torn to shreds by Trump, systematically, in a most deliberate fashion.

Sorry Amanda Carpenter, but you have joined the ranks of the other idiot pundits like George Will, Rich Lowry, Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove. Maybe you think its a badge of honor but the reality is that you are as stupid as they are! You failed to grasp what is happening in our country. The general disdain voters have for any career politician. Take Mitt Romney, for example. Please! This guy has absolutely no credibility whatsoever, yet, he is treated like some ′wiseman′ for the Republican Party now. The apple doesn′t fall far from the tree. His dad, George Romney, was a scoundrel. I′ve written about that before, including George Romney′s connection with Saul Alinsky. So why is anyone paying Mitt any attention about Trump′s taxes? Unlike Romney, Donald Trump does not feel guilty about being rich. I′ll bet Trump treats dogs better than Mitt does, too!

Will you watch the 10th GOP debate tonight on CNN? Will Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz muster up the strength to lift the ′hammer′ and pound Donald Trump? I doubt it. I doubt it very much! Those two lightweights couldn′t hammer a thumbtack into a hunk of balsa wood. They′ve had their chance and they′ve blown it. Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP nominee and come this November, win the race for the White House, clobbering Hillary Clinton, or whomever the Democrats run. Megyn Kelly and the rest of the idiots of the world better start getting used to President Donald J Trump.