Hillary Clinton may be rolling up the Democratic Party Super Delegates to steal the DNC presidential nomination, but she is still facing many legal issues. US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, appointed to the by the Bill Clinton administration, ruled Tuesday that Hillary′s former aides may be questioned under oath on the matter of the private email server. The primary focus of which is to discover whether or not the former Secretary of State skirted federal laws concerning transparency. The ruling is part of the ongoing civil lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch. Meanwhile, during a Democrat debate held on CNN last night, Hillary Clinton offered more excuses as to why she will not release transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms. Also yesterday, Donald J Trump declared publicly that if he is elected president, he will have Hillary Clinton prosecuted. This sets the stage for the greatest event in television history, ′The Trial of Hillary Rodham Clinton′!


First, allow me to back up a bit. I forgot my favorite Hillary ′zinger′ of the day! During some event in South Carolina yesterday, a young woman told Hillary Clinton that she is leaning towards voting for Bernie Sanders. Hillary responded by telling the young lady to ″go talk with your mother″! There you go! This is why young people, especially young women, are not voting for Hillary in large numbers. Hillary is the Generation Gap personified. A tired, old, haggard b*tch! I′d call Hillary a crone, but she is anything but skinny! Beyond that, the word does fit her well. Old, ugly, disagreeable, malicious, and even sinister in nature.

This is why Donald Trump will have no problem destroying her in a general election. Unlike the other GOP candidates, Trump will attack her on absolutely every front! He′ll demolish her on her record in the Senate and as Secretary of State. He′ll trash her for being stupid. Trump will annihilate Hillary on every personal level imaginable. By election day in November, Hillary Clinton will be so humiliated that she′ll have to wear a bag over her head to avoid having rotten vegetables thrown at her. Bill Clinton may even appreciate that! Perhaps he′ll forget to cut out some eye holes in the bag so she cannot see him flirting with younger chicks?

Getting back to ′The Trial of Hillary Rodham Clinton′, it will be the biggest show on television! Far bigger than the OJ trial or that of Michael Jackson. Can you imagine the parade of people who will have to testify? Aside from the usual gang of political insiders, we′ll see a long line of Wall Street tycoons, wailing parents of the Benghazi dead, and every trailer-park-tart Bill Clinton ever winked at! It will be spectacular and magnificent! Given the sheer depth of the decades of wrong doing by the Clintons, the trial will last for months. Hillary will look like Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials, wearing over-sized sunglasses to hide her blood-shot eyes. She′s already dressing like he did with those ′Dr. No′ tunics.

Yep, it will be lots of fun! Something to amuse us while The Trump Wall gets built and millions of illegal immigrants are rounded up and deported. I′m looking froward to it all. Plus, consider the economic boom as vendors sell Hillary prison garb, novelty items and plenty of popcorn and corndogs. Maybe Marco Rubio will man an ice cream cart outside the court house? I could go for an orange sherbert ′push-up′! Mmmm! Yum-yum!