Donald J Trump has won the GOP Nevada caucus by a HUGE margin! Trump blew away the competition receiving some 46% of the vote. The Republican Party in Nevada has only counted some 96% of the Tuesday night vote as I write this Wednesday morning. Marco Rubio finished a distant second with 24% followed by the liar, Ted Cruz, with 21%. Dr. Ben Carson finished in 4th place with about 5% and John Kasich brings up the rear with about 4%. So far, Donald Trump will get 12 of Nevada′s 30 delegates with both Rubio and Cruz getting 5 each. I suspect that Trump will get the remaining 8 delegates to be assigned. Once again, as we have seen in the three previous Republican votes, voter turnout was HUGE! Nearly as many people voted last night as had in both the 2008 and 2012 Silver State caucuses.


Also, once again, we find in the entrance and exit polling data that Donald Trump won with a very broad base of support. He took the lead in nearly every demographic and issue. Not so surprising was Trump dominating with the Latino vote, which only made up about 10% of the Republican caucus goers, scoring more than Rubio and Cruz combined, despite their own Latino roots. During his victory speech, Trump thanked all of his supporters and included a special thanks to one demographic he won hands down with, the poorly educated! ″I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED!″ Only Donald Trump could say something like that and get away with it! By the way, Trump also won the ′highly educated′ voters, too!

Needless to say, his detractors are already busy piling on. Glenn Beck was speaking at a caucus site on behalf of ′The Liar′, Ted Cruz, when the crowd roared in excitement as Donald Trump arrived. Beck is said to have gone white, the blood rushing from his down-trodden face. Earlier in the day, Beck was calling Trump supporters ′Brown Shirts′, but, the truth is that Ted Cruz supporters, like Glenn Beck, are merely brown-noses for the Establishment Elite who want open borders to flood America with drugs and cheap labor.

Marco Rubio did not even bother to stay in Nevada, opting instead to fly to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Well, at least we were spared another memorized, robotic ′second-place-victory′ speech. Ted Cruz did give his usual 3rd-place victory speech, telling more lies. Kasich was elsewhere in Georgia trying to be relevant and not insult women in the kitchen. I do not know where Ben Carson was? I suspect that he may not know either! Probably asleep somewhere.

So I am very happy that Donald J Trump won the GOP Nevada caucus. I had no doubt that he would. He did not have to advertise too much there since there is a rather large building with his name on the top of it in Las Vegas. So its on to the SEC Super Tuesday next week! There will be a quick stop in Texas for some town hall thingy on Fox News tonight with the dreaded Megyn Kelly. Then a real debate on CNN in Houston Thursday night. Personally, I wish Trump would skip the Fox News thingy as he should set the precedent for ignoring the evil Megyn. Sticking it to her once again would dominate another news cycle and drown out Rubio and Cruz. But, I guess at this point Donald Trump needs to show he fears no one, including the blood-thirsty Kelly.