I do not listen to ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, very often anymore. He has entered the Twilight Zone of political thought. If he ever was rational to begin with? Keep in mind that Levin was the character who vetted Justice Anthony Kennedy for the Supreme Court. Look how well that worked out! But during commercial breaks while I was watching the Season 1 finale of ″X-Files: Revisited″ (thank God there will be a Season 2!), I did switch on my little radio from time to time to hear what Levin was yelling about. Mark Levin was trashing Marco Rubio last night in a vain, last minute effort to save his pal, Ted Cruz. Another member of the Phony-Constitutionalist Bozo Club.

Mark Levin, like most of the dolts on talk radio, has yet to realize that ′You Can′t Stump The Trump′! This has not stopped him from thinking that he still has something of value to add to our political discourse. In fact, Levin, like many others, are in desperation mode, launching a new so-called Conservative commentary service called ′The Conservative Review′. You′ll have to fork over money to read their pearls of wisdom, so I suspect that it will eventually fail, much like Glenn Beck′s attempt. Wouldn′t surprise me at all if Levin and Michelle Malkin were buying Beck′s equipment for their site at fire-sale prices!

Not only have all of these fools completely misunderstood the mood of the voters this election cycle, they are blind to the latest trend in political thought, that being the Neo-Reactionary movement. I would say that their blindness to largely due to their clinging to the US Constituuuuuuuuuuuuution like a Titanic passenger hanging on to a life preserver. It doesn′t matter if you stay afloat anymore, the water is too damn cold for long-term survival! If you aren′t rescued in 4 or 5 minutes, your will become a meat popsicle! A dead one at that!

We can certainly blame Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Progressives and Conservatives for the mess we are in. Somebody got our nation $19 Trillion dollars in ′on-budget′ debt. Plus another $67 Trillion to maybe $200 or more Trillion dollars in ′off-budget′ debt. We could be over a QUADRILLION dollars in total, sovereign debt! Nobody really knows since our government has never truly been audited. We have reached a point where it just doesn′t matter who is to blame. But if we wanted to avoid future mistakes, it is time to realize that our Founding Fathers gave us a lemon. Sure, Ben Franklin said they gave us a republic, IF we can keep it. Well, we didn′t and the main reason why is due to a few, critical flaws in the Constitution.

You want an example? Here′s the Big One! Giving Congress the ′power of the purse′. Not just the authority to ′print and coin′ money, but to raise taxes and set fees, etc. That opened the door to Congress buying our vote with our own money, plus money from future generations yet unborn. When the Swiss worked on their constitution in the 1820s, they rejected ours as they could see how far America had descended down the path of doom after only 30 years or so. So the Swiss kept the power of the purse with the People. The result was the most stable economy and political system Western Civilization has had for nearly two centuries. There are other flaws in our Constitution, but that is the Big One which has led to our current predicament.

I don′t mind Mark Levin attacking Marco Rubio. Rubio is just another typical, jackass politician with no imagination and even less motivation than the average elected idiot. He′s made no bones about being bored with the Senate, just as Obama was bored. Since Obama got bored fast when becoming president, I suspect that so too will Rubio. Besides, any time Mark Levin spends attacking Rubio is less time for him to trash Donald J Trump, and that′s a good thing! Unlike Rubio or Levin′s favorite, Ted Cruz, Trump has plenty of imagination and motivation. President Donald Trump will be like a kid with a new train set! He′ll be eager to set it up and build it up, adding all sorts of new features. Trump will be the most joyful president since Teddy Roosevelt! We will go from the ′Square Deal′, past the ′New Deal′ right into the Age of the HUGE DEAL!

So keep attacking Marco Rubio, Mark Levin! Your days are numbered as we approach the Trump Era. A true, rebirth of American greatness is at hand. Once the Donald gets to the White House and discovers just how fouled up things really are, I have no doubt that he will be honest with the People and formulate a genuine plan to straighten things out. Forget ideology! Neither Ted Cruz, nor Marco Rubio have any practical experience in turning around a failing enterprise. It may already be too late, but if there is any chance, any time left on the clock, Donald Trump is the guy to get the job done!