With nearly all of the votes officially tabulated, Donald J Trump wins the 2016 South Carolina primary with 32.5% of the Republican vote. Marcos Rubio was second with 22.5% and Ted Cruz a close third with 22.3%. Only about 1,091 votes separated Rubio and Cruz. Jeb Bush followed placing a distant 4th with just 7.8%, causing him to withdraw from the 2016 GOP presidential race. John Kasich came in a close 5th with 7.6% and Dr. Ben Carson finished last with 7.2%. Both Kasich and Carson vow to fight on! Especially after the Ted Cruz – Ben Carson ′closet meeting′.

As we saw in New Hampshire, Donald Trump won in just about every demographic and with nearly every issue. He also won nearly every county and Congressional district, so Trump will get most of the 50 delegates to the RNC convention this summer. Trump leads in the polls for the upcoming Nevada caucus on Tuesday, and there is no reason to think that he won′t win there. Hillary Clinton squeaked out a victory against Bernie Sanders in Nevada thanks to the Silver State′s elderly demographic. Sanders again wound up winning the ′under 45′ vote across the board with all sexes and races.

The next real challenge will be the ′SEC′ Super Tuesday primaries on March 1st. About 25% of all GOP delegates will be up for grabs in 14 states. We have clearly entered the ′wholesale′ phase of the presidential campaign, where money and marketing rule. Two things which Trump has plenty of. Many pundits are already claiming that ′The Establishment′ will now rally around Marco Rubio with Jeb Bush out. While Jeb′s contributors may shift in bulk to Rubio, there is little doubt that others, like John Kasich, will also benefit. Another aspect is that Rubio will have an easier time now that he will not be suffering attacks by Jeb. Of course, Trump was also a main target of Jeb′s attack ads, too. So what we may actually see is the unfolding of the scenario where Donald Trump now runs the tables, winning nearly every remaining primary and caucus, many of which will be ′winner-take-all′.

By the end of March, half of all Republican party convention delegates will have been decided. When you look at the landscape, there are few states where Ted Cruz has any chance of winning. He′ll be lucky if he wins Texas! The rest of the pact are in the same boat. Donald Trump is the only candidate who has a broad enough base of support nationwide to have a clear pathway to winning the GOP presidential nomination. The South Carolina primary was the last chance for someone to stop him cold. This is the main reason why Jeb Bush dropped out of the race. Had he done better, he could have gotten the cash needed to carry on. But after failing to place well in either New Hampshire or South Carolina, the hand writing was on the wall. Who will Jeb endorse if anyone? If you listen to his speech last night, the person he was describing, ″strong″, ″unapologetic″, it sounded to me like Donald Trump!