Break out the ale and war axes! The ″Vikings″ Season 4 premiere aired last night on The History Channel. To say it was awesome would be an understatement! I love the Vikings, they were so cool. Maybe it was their policy of ′external taxation′ which inspires Donald Trump to insist on having Mexico pay for building his wall across our southern border? So what is up with Ragnar, Floki, Lagertha, Rollo and the rest of the bunch? Here is a recap and review of the first episode, entitled, ″A Good Treason″.

As we last left the Vikings in the Season 3 finale, Ragnar had sacked Paris, but was wounded in battle. Rollo volunteered to remain behind in Frankia to mind the store until his kinsmen return the next season. Emperor Charles decides to marry off his daughter, the Princess Gisla, to Rollo, in hopes of defeating King Ragnar the next time he raids Paris. Meanwhile, Floki is arrested by Bjorn for the murder of Athelstan, Ragnar′s trusted Christian friend. Ragnar is not happy when he hears that Bjorn has acted on this. He had other plans for Floki, but now has little choice but to deal with him publicly.

Meanwhile, Ragnar may have some ′women troubles′. His current wife, Queen Aslaug, seems to be plotting to dethrone Ragnar and seize power for herself. Ragnar′s ex-wife, Lagertha, has decided to make an accommodation with Kalf, who usurped her lands while she was building a colony in Wessex. Luckily, Kalf accepted and together they put down a potential rebellion. Lagertha was given the honor of dealing with the ringleader herself which she did so in a most awful way!

Speaking of marriages, Rollo′s to Gisla was an awkward affair. Gisla had to be brought to Rollo′s bedroom kicking and screaming. She even pulled a knife on him but Rollo was unimpressed and decided not to bother consummating the marriage, much to Gisla′s dismay. Rollo had his own rebellion troubles as his fellow Vikings began losing faith in his allegiance to his brother, King Ragnar. With the help of the Franks, Rollo is now the last Viking standing in Frankia.

So what lies next for Ragnar and his Vikings? Tune in to The History Channel on Thursday nights to find out! ″Vikings″ is a great show, combining history and mysticism with drama and intrigue. Hard to go wrong with that combination! If nothing else, the cast are all hot actors and actresses. So there is something for everybody irregardless of gender or preferences.