Here we go again! Another dirty trick by the Ted Cruz campaign! This time it is a photo-shopped image of Marco Rubio shaking hands with Barack Obama. This from the same Ted Cruz that Glenn Beck thinks God wants to be president? Or that is described by Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin as a ′true Conservative′ and defender of the US Constitution? Ted Cruz is more like a Canadian version of Mr. Haney from ″Green Acres″. A liar, a cheat, a swindler and a cheap fraud! Ted Cruz is starting to make Obama and Hillary Clinton look like honest Christians. If Ted Cruz is the best the Conservative movement has to offer, then it is in really big trouble!


Mind you, I am no fan of Marco Rubio, either. The ′Gang of 8′ is going to haunt him for the rest of his political career. Rubio cannot be trusted when it comes to immigration reform and amnesty. As for his foreign policy credentials, Rubio is often saying how negotiating a business deal is not experience in dealing with world leaders. So holding a committee hearing is experience? Come on, Marco! Donald Trump has much more practical experience on foreign policy that you can imagine. Not to mention in understanding the economy and how to improve it.

Between Cruz and Rubio, I am still a tad nervous about the outcome of the 2016 GOP presidential race. I probably will be at least until the March 1st Super-Tuesday primaries. If Trump sweeps them, along with South Carolina tomorrow and Nevada next week, then I′ll rest easier. Maybe my blood pressure will ease off, too? I′ve been flirting with stroke levels for the past couple of months and I′m hoping its just election passions. Even an increase in my Toprol medication has not helped. So I′m just hanging on waiting for this primary season to be resolved.

Obviously, if Donald Trump wins, then I′ll be happy and maybe live long enough to see him fix America. If he doesn′t, then who cares? I certainly won′t! If America wants to commit suicide by electing any of these other bozos running, then why bother. Bring on the nicotine, alcohol, dancing girls and whatever else it will take to induce one last big heart attack. I′ll go out with a bang!

So we have yet another dirty trick by Ted Cruz, a Marco Rubio photo with Barack Obama. The image was photo-shopped by the Cruz campaign to attack Rubio′s alleged or apparent support of Obama′s new trade deal. Its not like Ted Cruz would know the difference either, seeing as he has little genuine experience in the private sector. How many actual jobs has he created? Or Rubio for that matter. Nope, they are both losers! Yet they are held up by the usual gang of Cuckservatives like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin as heroes of the Conservative movement. There ya go! Another reason to wise up and join the Neo-Reactionary movement!