What color of straight-jacket would look good on Glenn Beck? This guy has gone totally off his rocker! Beck is headed for the funny farm on his present course. Bad enough he spent Valentine′s Day with Ted Cruz ′loving the Constitution′. Now Glenn Beck is telling his remaining radio listeners that God allowed Justice Antonin Scalia to die so that Ted Cruz would get elected as president. Perhaps this also explains why NBC News and the Wall Street Journal had to juice up a quick poll showing Ted Cruz magically, suddenly leading the GOP pack nationwide? God allows lies that favor Cruz in Beck′s universe. Maybe God allowed Nikki Haley to endorse Marco Rubio to get Jeb Bush out of the way for Ted Cruz, too? Child Alert! I am now about to use profanity…

I get it, Glenn Beck heard the words of Negan′s biker from Sunday′s episode of ″The Walking Dead″? ″If you′re going to eat sh*t, best not to nibble on it. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat.″ Well, Negan is the leader of ′The Saviors′. Obviously there is a sky-god element which may appeal to Glenn Beck.

But seriously, this is utter lunacy! If Glenn Beck truly believes this nonsense that God wants Ted Cruz to be elected and is okay with the sacrifice of Antonin Scalia, he needs to be examined before Beck causes genuine danger. Plenty accuse me of being nuts, but I at least draw the line on dragging God into my kooky world. All of those years of Catholic education gave me some measure of respect for Our Father!

This is clearly an act of desperation. Glenn Beck′s media ′empire′ is crumbling. His ratings are down. He′s been on the wrong side of the immigration issue. Beck is backing the wrong horse in the 2016 GOP race. Even if Ted Cruz won the Republican Party nomination, I cannot see him beating any Democratic candidate. No matter how many dirty tricks Cruz tries to pull, the DNC, unions and Media will slaughter him. Beck has already said that he would rather vote for Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist, than to vote for Donald Trump! If Glenn really thinks that a successful Capitalist is worse than a degenerate Socialist, what more needs to be said? His potato′s been a bakin′ too long!