Okay, so regular readers will know that I just LOVE a good conspiracy theory! The latest is about how did Justice Antonin Scalia die? Was he murdered? Was he drugged or poisoned, then finished off with a pillow over his head? Did Barack Hussein Obama have Scalia rubbed out after costing Obama and his pals trillions of dollars from green energy scams? As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, I′m sorry to disappoint you all. The guy was 79 years old, smoked cigars, drank wine and ate pasta. On top of that, he was out walking around all day quail hunting. Old men who hunt often die of heart attacks. Nope, no conspiracy, but I simply had to write something so I could bring up the topic of the latest ″X-Files″ TV episodes!

I am loving these new episodes. This week′s was almost as fun as the one from two weeks ago where Fox Mulder and Dana Scully had a run-in with a ′were-human′. Yep, a lizard-man whom was bitten by a human serial killer and turned into a human by day, only to revert back to his natural, reptilian form when the Moon is full. It was hilarious! This week′s episode had Mulder and Scully meet their new, younger counterparts, Special Agents Miller and Einstein. Yeah, Einstein claims that she may be distantly related to old Albert.

After the heavy drama of last week′s episode, where Dana′s mom died from a stroke, this one started off with a bang. Two Islamic terrorist blew themselves up at an art gallery in Texas which was featuring artwork of the Prophet Mohammad, blessings and peace be upon him. One survived the blast, prompting Agent Miller to seek help from Mulder and Scully to communicate with the comatose terrorist. Naturally, Einstein, who is medical doctor, thinks the whole idea is ridiculous. Mulder and Miller didn′t even need a Vulcan mind-meld to exchange their thoughts about the paranormal. Scully tried to be encouraging to Einstein as if this too would pass.

But, after Scully later convinces Miller that she may have a scientific way to obtain intelligence from the comatose terrorist, Agent Einstein takes a ride on the ″Crazy Train″ with Mulder. Fox suggests that she induces him with a dose of Magic Mushrooms so he can reach an astral plain to communicate with the terrorist. At first, Einstein rejects the idea, but when she arrives in Texas and finds Miller with Scully, the green-eyes of jealousy take over and she invites Mulder to join the party! Then the fun really begins!

Having tripped down Psychedelic Lane myself numerous times, I am always amused by how television and films depict such experiences. Chris Carter and his ″X-Files″ team did not disappoint me! The scene of Fox Mulder stoned on psilocybin was one of the greatest moments of American television history! I laughed and laughed! David Duchovny deserves an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a People′s Choice award! He was hysterical! The ″50 Shades of BAD″ S&M scene with Agent Einstein dressed in her leather dominatrix suit was incredible. Then the rowboat scene with Cancer Man was perfect.

Amazingly enough, Mulder had his trip on a placebo, niacin. Ah, well researched! Niacin is the ′fun′ vitamin! I know people who have been fooled into thinking it was cocaine. The power of suggestion, the concept of reality where in ideas and words have substance and weight came full circle. Mulder did indeed communicate with the comatose terrorist, resulting in the FBI arresting a cell of Islamic terrorists before they could cause mass death. Hurray for Mulder! All that line-dancing with young ladies in Daisy-Mae shorts paid off! Only Fox Mulder could visit an alternate reality full of hot chicks and still save the day.

So if you have missed the new episodes of ″The X-Files″, then hunt them down on the Internet. The sixth and last episode is this coming Monday night and looks like a good one. We′ll even have another visit from Agents Miller and Einstein. Will Dana Scully have another opportunity to say ″the FBI′s most unwanted″? Will she get her smart phone fixed by Lizard Man? What about Fox Mulder? Will he get to wear his ′MUSH′ and ″ROOM′ fist-rings again? I certainly hope so! Maybe we′ll even have more time for some ′50 Shades of BAD′? So forget about Antonin Scalia conspiracy theories. If you want a conspiracy theory, watch the ″X-Files″ next Monday. All your questions may be answered at last!